• A citation for driving under suspension was issued and plates were taken after officers followed a subject from West South and South Union streets to a residence.

• A warning for a traffic violation was issued on West Lytle Street.


• A warning for an equipment violation was issued at West Tiffin and South Countyline streets.

• A warning for a turn-signal violation was issued at East South and South Main streets.



• A caller reported a television stolen from a Woodward Avenue address.

• A male at the station reported a possible case of fraud.



• An officer took a male to the Seneca County Jail on a committal after he was brought from court.

• Contact could not be made on a follow-up stop at a Gormley Street address.

• A West Lytle Street caller reported an abandoned bicycle leaning against his fence in an alley. The bicycle was impounded.

• Property checks were done on West Lytle Street, East Lytle Street, North Countyline Street, Perry Street, West South Street, East Center Street, East Tiffin Street, North Main Street, West High Street, Elm Street and Sandusky Street.

• Park checks after hours were done on Perrysburg Road and South Union Street.

• Building checks were done on West Center Street, East Lytle Street, State Street, North Countyline Street/Plaza Drive, Perrysburg Road and West Center Street.


• A male was warned for disorderly conduct at the hospital.

• A male was reported as yelling at staff at the hospital.

• Officers and EMS responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at a McDougal Street address.

• An officer stood by as property was retrieved from a Miller Avenue address.

• An officer attended to a subject having car problems in an East Lytle Street parking lot.

• A suicidal male was reported at a West Lytle Street address. The male was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle at a North Vine Street address.

• Contact could not be made with a subject at a Beier Drive address.

• Possible fighting among juveniles was reported at a North Vine Street address. An officer was unable to locate.