• A female reported several items were missing from her vehicle after it was parked in the area of South Poplar and East Crocker streets overnight.



• A South Poplar Street caller reported a vehicle being driven recklessly and a subject taking photos of a juvenile. The subject was no longer in the area upon an officer’s arrival. The complainant was advised of options.

• A South Poplar Street caller reported a vehicle being driven recklessly. The call was canceled.

• A North Union Street caller reported a 2-year-old walking on Jackson Street. The child was returned to the parents.

• A California caller reported a suicidal male at a College Avenue address. An officer saw no evidence of self-harm. The last time the juvenile spoke with the complainant was two days ago, when the juvenile blocked the complainant on all platforms.

• Officers transported a subject from a Williston Avenue address to the station. The incident is under investigation.

• College Avenue residents at the station reported an issue on a phone. Parents were advised to report the issue to the social media outlet. They were advised of options.

• A vehicle was recovered at an East Lytle Street address.

• A vehicle was recovered at a Gormley Street address. A juvenile was released to his father.

• A follow-up stop was made at a South Main Street address.

• A gas leak was reported at a North Union Street address.

• A male agreed to leave a West Lytle Street address with his dog upon the arrival of a ride. An officer was advised it was a civil matter.

• A caller reported that a dog at an East High Street address was in a cage and did not seem to have good living conditions. The Humane Society was called to the scene.

• A welfare check on a female was done at a Columbus Avenue address.

• An employee of an East Lytle Street address reported a small juvenile riding a bicycle in the area. The child’s mother advised that he’d snuck out while the deadbolt was unlocked, of which she was not aware.

• The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office reported a vehicle committing violations at Springville Avenue and South Corporate Drive. An officer was unable to locate.

• Officers attended to a possible stolen vehicle on West Ridge Drive. The vehicle was impounded. A juvenile was being taken to several locations in search of vehicles. The case is under investigation.

• Property and building checks were done at various locations in the city.

• Officers checked a vehicle at Williston Avenue and Palmer Street. A male was advised to contact the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.

• A juvenile at an East Fremont Street address was reported as having a bloody face and a possible concussion. EMS took the juvenile to the hospital. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office was advised of the incident and it would be on the lookout (BOLO) for vehicles.

• Officers issued a BOLO for a stolen vehicle that drove away from Hancock County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

• An officer turned off the dome light of a vacant vehicle at a Beier Drivve address.

• An intoxicated male advised that juvenile males left an East Fremont Street address on foot. Parents were advised of options.

• Two subjects with flashlights were reported in the area of North Poplar Street. An officer was unable to locate.

• An officer sought three juveniles on South Countyline Street. They were permitted to walk to a West Tiffin Street resident with an adult.

• A suspicious vehicle was reported at East Lytle and State streets. An officer witnessed no problems.


• A Summit Street caller said the residence next door should be vacant, but the back door was open and noises could be heard. The residence was searched and secured; no one was inside.

• Property and building checks were done at various locations in the city.

• A North Union Street caller said a male was walking around the building before setting off a car alarm in the parking lot and departing on foot. Officers were unable to locate.

• A third-party caller reported a mother abusing her daughter at a College Avenue address. Officers spoke with the mother and daughter and saw no signs of abuse or neglect.

• A disturbance between a male and a female was reported in the area of Sandusky and North Caples streets. They were advised of options; the male walked to a friend’s house and the female drove to Findlay.

• A welfare check was requested on a female jogger on Independence Avenue. Everything was found to be fine.

• A caller reported someone trespassing on his property at Buckley and East Jackson streets. A vehicle on the scene was permitted by the property owner.

• An unknown emergency was reported at a North Countyline Street address. A female was advised of options.

• An officer attended to a report of an overdose at a South Vine Street address. A male was taken to the hospital. An investigation is pending.

• A caller reported a subject was pushing a shopping cart with a child inside on the roadway at South Poplar and East Tiffin streets and not allowing traffic to pass. The subject was told to return the cart and stay out of the roadway.

• A welfare check on an elderly male was requested at an East Sixth Street address. He was found to be fine and instructed to call his doctor to reschedule a missed appointment.

• An unsuccessful attempt to serve papers was made at a North Main Street address.

• A subject at an East Lytle Street address advised she would pick up paperwork at the station.

• Papers were served at an East Tiffin Street address.

• A follow-up stop was made on the 3400 block of North Township Road 47.

Seneca County



• A female caller called with concern that a vehicle eastbound at West U.S. 224 and South Ohio 587 may be involved in a missing-person case. A deputy found it to be from the wrong state.

• A caller from the 11000 block of West Ohio 18 reported that he is being contacted by a subject who got a civil protection order against him. A deputy would try to contact the petitioner.


• A deputy attended to two four-wheelers at West Township Road 112 and North Township Road 21. One driver said he was testing one that was newly repaired. They said they would be leaving.

• Subjects reported a vehicle being vandalized on the 12000 block of West Axline Street earlier in the week. A deputy saw no damage to the vehicle, nor was anything missing, though it did appear someone may have attempted to enter it. A subject wanted a report on file.