• A caller reported a vehicle driving beyond the gates at an Independence Avenue address. A male who was fishing was told to walk from the gate.

• A North Countyline Street caller reported a dog tried to attack him on his property. An officer confined the dog to its home and would speak to the owner at another time.

• A male was reported yelling on the roof of a Sandusky Street address. The male was angry about financial issues. He was informed of the complaint and sent on his way.

• A male turned himself in on a warrant and was taken to the Seneca County Jail.

• An officer saw a stuck semi at East Tiffin and South Poplar streets. The semi was pulled out.

• A caller requested a welfare check on his daughter at a Starr Avenue address. No contact was made.


• A suicidal male with access to firearms was reported at a Stinchcomb Drive address. The subject denied making such a statement. He advised of relationship problems. He was with his mother.

• Building and property checks were done at various locations in the city.

• Ashtabula police asked for an attempt to locate a vehicle owner at a North Town Street address. A resident said the female had moved to Alabama.

• A North Poplar Street caller reported hearing noises at the front door and window. Officers did not see anyone, nor any signs of attempted entry.

• A follow-up stop was made at a McDougal Street address. A statement form was dropped off.

• A caller reported a suicidal female en route to a McDougal Street location on foot from Fremont Street. She was not at the address; her boyfriend said she was in Fremont. An officer would contact Fremont police.

• A follow-up stop was made at a West High Street address.

• A male acting suspiciously was reported in the area of an East Lytle Street address. The male said he was fine and was walking to a store.

Seneca County



• A collision between a vehicle and a deer was reported at West Ohio 12 and North Ohio 635.



• A caller from the 7400 block of West County Road 18 reported a neighbor stacking rocks against his fence. The neighbor moved the rocks away from the fence.