• A hit-skip accident was reported at a North Countyline Street address. The case is under investigation.


• A caller from Stoner Road and Northview Drive reported his vehicle was hit by an unknown vehicle. The caller was advised of options.



• A Miller Avenue resident reported money was taken from her account through an ATM. The complainant said no one should have access to her debit card. She was advised to get information from the bank and then speak to an officer at the station.



• A caller reported juveniles vandalizing a building in the area of South Poplar and East Crocker streets. An officer spoke to the children; no damage was observed.

• An East Sixth Street caller reported a company had damaged the property. An officer witnessed damage and would attempt to contact the company.



• A caller requested a welfare check on his girlfriend at a College Avenue address.

• A follow-up stop was made at a North Union Street address. The complainant was advised of options and referred to proper services. The case is under investigation.

• A North Grant Street caller reported a parking issue. A vehicle was found to be parked legally. The vehicle’s owner was advised of the complaint.

• A fax was received from the Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services faxed a report regarding a North Union Street address.

• A street sweeper reported an abandoned vehicle on East Fremont Street. The owner of the vehicle was advised of the complaint and said he would remedy it.

• A caller reported his father was removing his property from his East Fourth Street residence. The complainant’s father and landlord was changing the locks. The two argued about when the son had to be moved out. The father said he would allow his son to move out Saturday; the son said he would move out Friday.

• An East North Street caller asked to speak to an officer regarding a neighbor digging on his property. Another male was warned for disorderly conduct. The complainant was advised of options and advised it was a civil matter.

• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle at an East Lytle Street address.

• An Eisenhower Drive caller reported loud music coming from a neighbor’s residence. The neighbor was advised of the complaint and offered to turn the radio off, but he was advised only to reduce the volume.

• A caller reported a boxer sitting in the roadway at South Poplar and East Sixth streets and not moving. An officer saw two dogs digging in trash.

• Building and property checks were done at various locations in the city.

• A South Poplar Street caller said a male juvenile was at the residence and left. The caller then reported where the juvenile at gone. Officers spoke to both parents. The juvenile was warned for trespassing and curfew violation.

• An open door was seen at a building on West North St. It was found to be secure.


• An unresponsive male was reported at an East Lytle Street address. EMS attended to the scene. A white rock-like substance was found in a bag. Norwalk police was contacted regarding a warrant on a male; he was advised of his court date. Evidence was collected and a male and female were banned from the location.

• Building and property checks were done at various locations in the city.

• An officer attended to a vehicle at a park on Perrysburg Road. A juvenile female was advised of park hours.

• A Thomas Street caller reported a neighbor’s dog as constantly barking. The neighbor was warned and the dog was taken inside.

• A follow-up stop was made at a Perrysburg Road address.

• Zoning reported a vehicle with three flat tires in an alley off McLean Street. The owner was contacted.

• A caller reported an argument with a male at a Bugner Street address. Charges were pending.

Seneca County



• A male was arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol after he approached a deputy who was stationary at a location on the 9900 block of West Township Road 112 and said he’d been assaulted at a nearby party. A deputy attended to the male’s four-wheeler, which was off the roadway. He was taken to the Seneca County Jail.



• The Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office reported receiving a call on a suspicious male at a location on the 8500 block of East County Road 38. The sheriff’s office said the man was hiding behind the bathroom and couldn’t go to his car until it was safe. The male then drove off and the sheriff’s department requested a welfare check. A Seneca County deputy later saw him at the same location and he said he wasn’t afraid of anyone there.


• A civil protection order was served to a male at an address on the 11000 block of West Ohio 18.

• A caller complained of four-wheelers in the roadway on the 10000 block of West Township Road 41. A deputy spoke with the complainant but could not locate vehicles.