The people can’t come to Trisha Roddy’s fitness classes during the coronavirus pandemic, so she’s taking them to the people.

Indeed, the owner of Power Up Fostoria, located at 106 N. Main St., had more than 40 people connected via Facebook as she conducted her cardio drumming class.

“You got it,” she told her students Wednesday night as she looked into the camera of her laptop computer during a break from working up a sweat while being in continuous motion and smacking drumsticks onto an exercise ball anchored in a stand. “I know you’ve got it in you. Let’s go.”

Roddy, yoga instructor Shayna Looney and Fit Club coaches Paul Rodriguez and Rueben Maya are accustomed to having their students in the building with them. But with the pandemic, social distancing encouraged and Gov. Mike DeWine ordering gyms closed, Roddy decided to contribute to the community by offering the live, virtual workouts and keeping the nutrition club open for shakes and other refreshments.

Roddy and Looney are doing live workouts online, while Fit Club videos are being posted on Power Up Fostoria’s Facebook page for people to follow for workouts.

“It’s not something we ever really considered,” Roddy said of conducting virtual classes. “I mean, people have asked about it, but we’ve just always done the live classes. It’s definitely caused us to step out of our comfort zone. But, really, we’re doing it for the people. I think health and keeping our immune system up is key right now, as everyone shows on the news and doctors and scientists are showing that. We want to be a part of that and contribute on the front line with preventative measures as much as we can.

“Our nutrition club is still open, as far as shakes and all of our healthy drinks, so that’s something that’s really important to us also, and being able to provide healthy, fast food for people. We are complying with all of the regulations and orders that have been specified.

“We can bring it curbside, and now we’re also offering delivery through April 3. We’re just making sure everyone has access to good nutrition coming out of our nutritional club. We’ve really committed to making sure that’s still functional, as well, and comply with all of the regulations and making sure we’re keeping people safe.”

The Fit Club is video only “because of the structure of their normal class,” Roddy said.

“Typically, they run stations,” she said. “Everyone goes to a station for one minute, then they rotate. It’s not really something that is feasible to do live. So they’re just recording videos, like do one minute of situps and do four rounds (of exercises) and making videos so people know exactly what to do as far as each individual workout.”

Only Roddy, her 7-year-old daughter, Carmela Rodriguez, three employees and a visitor were in the building Wednesday night because of the pandemic.

Little Carmela often joined her mother in the workout. But, generally, it was quite a change from the norm of having a crowd on hand.

“It’s definitely different,” Roddy said. “But when I’m teaching, in the back of my mind is the main thing I want do is convey my energy on the screen. We’re getting all good feedback and people are grateful that we’re still doing it. They say that they can still feel the energy coming through the screen. As far as teaching with no one there, it’s just making sure we’re paying attention to the screen. We can still see the people who are on video, so we’re just kind of responding to their energy and just imagining they are there, really. And we’re talking to them as though they are there because we are able to speak with them during the class.”

While in-person classes have a charge of $6 each that includes a nutrition shake, there’s no charge for those online.

“Whoever’s interested in the classes can contact the Power Up Facebook page or myself or any of our other instructors and coaches,” Roddy said. “We add them to a private Facebook group. They then have online access via Zoom, which is an online conferencing app.”

Power Up Fostoria’s phone number is 419-379-6092.

Mary Martinez, membership director at the Geary Family YMCA, said locally led workout videos are in the process of being posted to website while the facility at 154 W. Center St. is closed. However, national YMCA headquarters notified each chapter of sites to be recommended to their memberships.

“On, other collaborations of Y’s are posting and they’re YouTube-accessible,” Martinez said. “Silver Sneakers is also doing livestream on Facebook and they also have a YouTube site. Then we also have MOSSA MOVE, and they’re offering a 14-day free trial. It’s what the exercise instructors in Toledo use. The YMCA360 is a very nice website, and YouTube also. There’s stuff out there. It’s a matter of taking a few minutes to look.”

Phone messages left for Fit N Dance Shakin It with Shelly, 210 S. Main St., and Nutrition and Fitness by Brett, 100 N. Main St., were not returned. Posts on both businesses’ Facebook pages say they are closed.