Everyone knows the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has been bad.

It’s now officially an emergency type of bad in Fostoria with Mayor Eric Keckler on Tuesday issuing such a proclamation.

And it also puts Fostoria in line to receive state and/or government funding for fighting the virus and its potential results.

As of Tuesday, no cases of the coronavirus had been detected in Fostoria. But just Monday, Seneca County recognized its first case, following on the heels of Wood and Hancock counties.

Fostoria’s boundaries reach into all three counties.

The declaration of a state of emergency means “that we recognize that this COVID-19 pandemic has a potential health and safety risk to the citizens of Fostoria and we’re going to do everything that we need to do locally and what is recommended by the governor and by the federal government in order to help our citizens’ health and safety and welfare.”

Unexpected costs to the city could be far ranging in regard to areas such as treatment, compensation for first responders and “any number of things,” the mayor said.

“It’s hard to anticipate right now what’s going to come of all of this locally,” Keckler said. “We’ve seen what it’s done in other states. We see that you have a lot of equipment that needs to be purchased for first responders. There will most likely be overtime costs involved with, especially, first responders. We don’t know. Maybe it also helps put our local hospital in place for any kind of relief that they may need because of things they may need to purchase to help combat this thing.

“We’re trying to be proactive and declare the state of emergency so that we have our city in place for any unexpected purchases or expenses that come from the city of Fostoria trying to aid its citizens in the best possible way as we can to ensure their health and safety.”