TIFFIN — While Seneca County General Health District can not test for the coronavirus at this time, it wants area residents to know the guidelines on being checked.

To be tested for the coronavirus, one must exhibit the classic symptoms of a fever above 100.4 degrees, cough and respiratory distress. Those with these symptoms need to call their healthcare provider to be evaluated to see if you should be tested for COVID-19. If the healthcare provider believes a test is warranted, they will coordinate the process.

People who do not have a healthcare provider should check with their insurance carriers, as they may be able to provide telehealth services for evaluation.

Individuals should not go to a physician’s office or hospital emergency room without calling first, as the site needs to be prepared for the arrival of someone with symptoms.

It would be unwise to go into a waiting area if you might have the virus.

In addition to not being able to test for the coronavirus, the health district cannot conduct evaluations for potential testing.

For more information about the coronavirus, call 1-833-4askODH.