Once again, the criminals/scam artists are calling Fostoria citizens with many different attempts to steal their money.

Fostoria Police Division was made aware on Thursday of a caller, who goes by the name of Steven, asking the victim to support their local police by making a financial donation.

“We assure you that we are not soliciting money from anyone,” a news release from the division states, adding that if the man calls, citizens should simply hang up.

Likewise, as tax season approaches, officials are anticipating a surge in IRS scammers requesting money or gift cards in lieu of payment. Officials remind community members the IRS will not call requesting money and to hang up on these scammers as well.

Other scams to avoid include calls for warrants or collecting bonds.

“There are so many various scams that it seems every day we hear of a new one,” the release states. “Many of the scammers send a false caller ID number in an effort to entice you to answer the phone. Some are even so bold — or dumb — that they call you from what appears to be your own phone number.”

The Fostoria Police Division reminds citizens of the ole’ saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”