From the public records of the Seneca, Hancock and Wood counties auditor’s offices. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers


529 Warehouse to Ohio Logistics LLC, 0 U.S. 23, $12,000,000.

529 Warehouse to Ohio Logistics LLC, 130 W. Jones Road, $12,000,000.

Louis W. Collins to U S Bank National, 588 Maple St., $30,000.

Church of The Good Shepherd to Michael King, 600 N. Union St., $27,000.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation to Lorraine Cunningham, 949 Walnut St., $35,200.

Werner Cramer to Wells Fargo Bank Na, 11457 W. Ohio 18, 0 Cherry St. and 746 Cherry St., $20,000.

State Bank to Nal Investment LLC, 572 N. Poplar St., $170,000.

Lawrence E. Ward to Dennis J. Stauffer, 1206 Stoner Rd., $64,500.

Carol J. Rathburn to Ronald J. Higginbotham, 517 N. Union St., $97,000.

Gary K. Lundy to Renee M. Gonzales, 118 W. Jackson St., $62,000.

David D. Ledford to Alex Shontz, 664 Northview Drive, $87,000.

Violet L. Stanfield to Daniel R. Sherman, 738 Circle Drive, $30,000.

State Bank to Nal Investment LLC, 352 N. Town St., $170,000.

Findlay Publishing Company to The Ogden News Publishing, 2 parcels at 322 N. Main St., $193,000.

State Bank to Nal Investment LLC, 359 E. Fremont St., $170,000.

Romana Rentals Ltd to Rilyn Properties LLC, 330 W. Tiffin St., $35,000.

State Bank to Nal Investment LLC, 323 E. Fremont St., $170,000.

Theresa M. Reiter to Creative World Properties LLC, 322 W. Center St., $55,000.

Stachler LLC to Ronald L. Reinhart, 413 Sandusky St., $55,120.

Janielle Myers to Caitlyn L. Graham, 905 Springville Ave., $37,000.

Tosha Browning to Greg Birkmire, 1004 S. Union St., $28,000.

Tosha Browning to Greg Birkmire, 0 Grape St., $28,000.

Krysten R Bercaw to JP Morgan Mortgage, 233 E. Lytle St., $42,332.

State Bank & Trust to Nal Investment LLC, 614 S. Union St., $170,000.

Richard .S Miller to David A. Kidd, trustee, 0 Hays St., $20,000.

State Bank to Nal Investment LLC, multiple parcels: 428 S. Main St., 335 W. South St., 219 Hays St., 0 Hays St., $170,000.

Linde Gas North America LC to Lentim LLC, 405 E. Zeller Road, $200,000.

Richard C. Bemis to John W., Erman, 148 W. Sixth St., $53,021.

Roseann C., Reinhart to Jonathan M. Ewald, 0 N. CR 11, $61,250.

David M. Hill to Irvin T. Smith, 4153 N. U.S. 23, $188,000.

Aaron P. Myers to Britton A. Penwell, 8629 N CR 25, Risingsun, $255,000.

W & H Family Farms LLC to Dag Farms LLC, 0 N. CR 25, $66,440.

Gayla J. Watson to Dag Farms LLC, 0 W TR 33, $677,250.

Benjamin A. Brickner to Benjamin A. Brickner, 9219 W. TR 57, $9,380.

Judy S. Devanna to Joshua Huffman, 291 S Ohio 587, $230,000.

Caples Creek Farms LLC to Kenneth L. Berkley Jr., 720 N. Angela Drive, $132,900.

Galen G. Dillon to Joshua R. Clark, 0 N. TR 25, $53,000.


Linda A. Peiffer to Craig J. Miller, 203 Vickie Lane, $127,900.

Kevin R. Jr. and Jamie L Keckler to Andrea L. Stanfield, 637 Westhaven Drive, $89,000.

Katheryn I. Pierce, trustee, to Antonio M. Crowe and Jaunna B. Gase, 1307 West Ridge Drive, $200,000.

Heinold Hog Market Inc. to Building Mechanical & Property Maintenance Group LLC, 600 Findlay St., $32,000.

State Bank & Trust Company to Nal Investments LLC, 546 W. 4th St. $30,000.


Donald V. Gillett to Gayla Jean Watson, 853 Oak Cove Drive, $138,026.

Biglick Rentals LLC to Randy L. Cunningham, 113 S, Main St., Bloomdale, $62,500.

Glenn L. and Linda S. Gill to Angela S. Oler, 118 N. Main St., Bloomdale, $37,000.

Megan Johnson Templeton, trustee Rte 1 LLC, 4 properties: 0 Crocker St., 505 Crocker St., 0 Harpster (2 properties), Bradner, $1,000.

Cory Fairbanks to Trevor A. Blankenship, 2 properties:130 Main St., 0 Main St., Bradner, $125,000.

Foster Farms LLC to James M. Rasp, 2 properties at 0 Myrtle, 2 properties at 0 Oak St., 0 Main St., Risingsun, $7,500.

Betty Jean Huff to Ashley C. Jiron, David A. Feahr and Sidney E. Feahr-Jiron, 207 Main St., Risingsun, $80,000.

Frank and Tracy Yonikus to Stephanie L. Abbott, 122 Bryant Ave., Wayne,$76,000.