• A male was arrested for theft at an East Center Street address and taken to the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.

• A male posted bond after being served a warrant at a West High Street address.


• Crestline police advised of a male in custody on a warrant. The warrant was served and the male posted bond.



• A warning for a traffic violation was issued on West Center Street.

• A warning for a traffic violation was issued at Oaklawn and Glenwood avenues.

• A warning for equipment was issued at North Wood and West Center streets.


• A warning for a turn-signal violation was issued at South Countyline and West Lytle streets.

• A warning for a turn-signal violation was issued on West Lytle Street.


• A warning for an improper turn was issued at West South and South Union streets.



• A caller from a West South Street location reported a male had driven off in a vehicle. The vehicle was later found at the location. Officers stopped two males in a parking lot and keys to the car were located. The owner was contacted; the situation was a misunderstanding and no charges would be filed.

• A West Crocker Street caller reported a theft of property. An officer returned property from a male.



• A caller reported an open door at a vacant house on Lincoln Avenue. The building was cleared and resecured.

• Officers responded to a fire alarm at a Vickie Lane address. Contact was made with the homeowner, who requested a fire unit for the fireplace.

• Dispatch was advised everything was fine after a 911 call.

• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office advised of a possible disturbance in the area of a West Ohio 18 location. Officers were unable to locate and spoke with the sheriff’s Office.

• Building checks were done on South Poplar Street, Perry Street, North Countyline Street, Perrysburg Road, Park Avenue, H.L. Ford Drive, Van Buren Street, Lakeview Drive, Independence Avenue, West Zeller Road and Township Road 217.

• A caller reported a dog at a South Main Street address. The dog was impounded.

• Assistance was requested from the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office regarding a report of a disturbance at a Bulger Avenue address.

• An officer was requested at the hospital.

• Two warnings for jaywalking were issued on Perry Street.


• A North Main Street resident at the station reported her neighbor entering her home without her permission.

• A caller reported a disruptive male at a Stinchcomb Drive address. The male was calm while speaking with officers. The complainant was advised of options.

• An officer was dispatched to Hays and North Wood streets after a 911 hangup call.

• A burglar alarm went off at a Perry Street address. An employee found an open door on the side of the building.

• A female reported a male causing a disturbance at a Walnut Street address; the male had departed. Seneca County County Sheriff’s Department was notified, as it was in that jurisdiction.

• An officer gave a female a ride home to a North Countyline Street address.

• Building checks were done on North Countyline Street, East Lytle Street, West Fourth Street, West Lytle Street and South Union Street.

• A 911 transfer call from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office reported a female needing EMS at an East Fremont Street address.

• A property check was done on East Lytle Street.

• Contact was made with a female at a Beier Drive address after a 911 call was received. The female said the call must have been accidental.

• Officers attempted to make contact at a North Main Street address. A subject denied a female being there.

• A welfare check was requested on a juvenile at a West North Street address, with the caller saying the child’s mother leaves the juvenile unattended at home while she runs errands.

• A Beier Drive caller asked to speak to an officer regarding her juvenile sister. An officer was unable to locate.

• A caller requested an officer for an unattended male at a North Union Street address. A death-scene report was completed and a funeral home took the body.

• A caller reported an attempted break-in at a Dillon Road address. The caller was advised of options.

• A burglar alarm was reported at a Court Place address. The call was canceled by a keyholder.

• A burglar alarm was reported at a North Main Street address. The alarm was false.


• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle on Eastern Avenue.

• Hancock County Sheriff’s Office advised a male was ready for pickup; the male was taken to the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.

• A 911 hangup call was received.

• A complainant at the station with a juvenile asked to speak to an officer. Child protective services was notified; the case is under investigation.

• An officer provided civil standby at a Lewis Street address.

• Civil standby was requested at a South Union Street address. A male retrieved a motorcycle; a female said he could keep a key to the garage because he had other property there. The male left with no problems.

• Officers attended to a verbal altercation at an Elwood Avenue address.

• Officers provided standby due to issues with property at an East Crocker Street address.

• A follow-up stop was made at a South Union Street address.

fire runs


• EMS was summoned for a 39-year-old male having a seizure at a West South Street address. The subject denied drug use other than marijuana.

Seneca County



• A male was arrested for domestic violence following an incident at a Walnut Street address. A gun was found at the house.



• A call from the 11000 block of West County Road 18 reporting a male with low blood pressure was canceled after two minutes.

• A female at the sheriff’s office from the 3400 block of South Township Road 101 asked to speak to a deputy about her daughter. She did not want anything done. She was told to call if she needed anything.

• A possible overdose was reported on the 7000 block of South County Road 23. The body was released to a funeral home.

• A caller reported seeing a male and female fighting and then driving away westbound from an address on the 8700 block of West Ohio 18. Fostoria police reported seeing nothing entering the city. Deputies were unable to locate.

• Fostoria police requested backup at a large party on Bulger Avenue, where a fight, possibly with weapons, reportedly broke out. Fostoria then advised to disregard.


• An unresponsive male was reported at an address on the 11000 block of West Ohio 18. The coroner released the body to a funeral home.


• A welfare check on a male was requested at an address on the 4800 block of South County Road 577. Deputies spoke to the male, who seemed to be fine.