• A female was arrested on a warrant from Hancock County and issued a citation for driving without a license on South Main Street.

• A male was arrested on a warrant from Seneca County after a West Center Street caller reported his vehicle having been damaged. A relay to the Seneca County Jail was executed with the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office in Bascom.



• A warning for traveling in the wrong direction on a one-way street was issued at North Main and Summit streets.

• License plates were confiscated and a warning was issued for a traffic violation at North Wood and Perry streets.


• A warning for equipment was issued on Perrysburg Road.

• A warning for a traffic violation was issued at South Corporate Drive and Springville Avenue.

• A warning for a turn-signal violation was issued at East South and South Poplar streets.

• A warning for a turn-signal violation was issued on North Poplar Street.



• A South Union Street caller said she believed someone did something to her car. A strong odor of gasoline was detected and the interior light was on. The complainant later called to report her garage door had been spray painted.



• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle at a North Union Street address.

• An officer gave a male and his son a ride from North Wood Street to West North Street.

• A 911 call from a McDougal Street address came from a 2-year-old playing with a phone. No problems were reported at the address.

• A caller reported two small children hanging out of a second-floor window of a house and throwing items. A parent said he had just realized what was happening and the situation has been handled.

• An officer took a male to the hospital from an East Crocker Street address after the male called the station and said he was going to harm himself. The male voluntarily stayed at the hospital.

• Building checks were done on West Lytle Street, East Lytle Street, Plaza Drive, North Countyline Street, Perrysburg Road, Buckley Street, Sandusky Street.

• A 12-year-old female at the station reported she went there for help after arguing with her mother at a Thomas Street address. An officer took the female home.

• Property checks were done on East Lytle Street, North Main Street and North Countyline Street.


• A Lexington Avenue caller reported her husband was suicidal; he had cut his wrist and tried to take medication before leaving the residence. Officers located the male and took him to the hospital for evaluation. The caller was advised of options.

• A Lewis Street female reported her ex-boyfriend would not leave her residence. Officers reported the male and female had a verbal argument. The male left.

• A female at the station reported being harassed at a North Countyline Street address by a former co-worker’s wife. The complainant sought options regarding a civil protection order.

• An officer attended to a male, a female and a vehicle at a Vine Street address. An officer received permission to search and warned them about being in the park after dark and the consequences of driving without a license.

• An officer attended to a disabled vehicle at Springville Avenue and the U.S. 23 cutoff.

• A Peeler Drive caller reported she returned home to find her door open and her residence ransacked, though nothing was missing or broken. The case is under investigation.

• Standby was requested at an East Crocker Street address while a female retrieved medication. The items were collected.

• A caller reported three subjects opening hoods of vehicles and looking inside at a North Countyline Street address. An officer spoke to a male, who said he was an employee and was backing a vehicle into a shop garage. A voice mail was left with the business owner.

• A female and her granddaughter reported at the station the granddaughter and a friend were sent out of a West North Street residence. An officer spoke with the grandmother, a guardian and juveniles. A male left the residence. The grandmother was advised of options.

• A West North Street resident said her boyfriend returned home and shoved her. An officer stood by as the male, who had given up residency, retrieved his belongings. He was advised to contact the police for further standbys.

• A Stinchcomb Drive caller reported a scam after being told on the phone that she owed money and was asked for credit card information. She did not disclose credit card information.

• A female at the station reported her husband had not brought their child for a scheduled exchange. She was advised of options.

• A North Main Street caller reported parking issues. The complainant was advised of ordinances and options.

• A follow-up stop was made at a North Main Street address.

• A burglar alarm at a Berkshire Drive address was reported as showing broken glass in the living room. Officers found a house window unlocked and no signs of forced entry. The house was cleared.

Seneca County



• A warning for speeding was issued at West Ohio 12 and North County Road 5.



• A Buckley Street caller asked to speak to a deputy regarding unauthorized use. The deputy was unable to make contact.