Your Review Times or Courier may look a little bit different this morning. That is because it is a little bit more narrow.

After years of printing at a 25-inch width, the Courier and Review Times is printing with a 22-inch width from this point forward.

It’s a change we are sure will take some time to get used to, but one that brings Findlay and Fostoria’s daily papers to the current industry standard size.

“This will cut down on the amount of paper we use, which is both cost-effective and environmentally conscientious,” said Jeremy Speer, publisher of The Courier and Review Times. “We believe these changes will galvanize our papers and pave the way for them to continue being important parts of our communities into the foreseeable future.”

What it is being paired with is what we are excited about.

The Review Times is committed to its efforts of providing more local coverage, with as many faces and names in the paper, especially the front page, as well as to put the day’s best local content on Page 1, whether that is the hard news, a well-written feature or well-composed photo.

“My vision is for our papers to be hyper local,” Speer said. “Local coverage of our communities is our niche, and we want to provide as much local content as possible to our readers.”

In order to help our readers, we have also today switched to a larger font size that will provide easier reading of our news copy.

Also, the change in paper size has allowed us to adjust our templates to create a more robust page design that highlights and frames the work of our journalists. As part of the changes, the daily crossword puzzle and the comic strips “Crytoquote” and “Close to Home” will be moved to the Classifieds pages.

“As always, we appreciate our community’s dedication to our publications as we position ourselves to continuing to serve our communities for generations to come,” Speer said.