• Eric Eugene Coleman, Fostoria, taken into custody by Carey Police Department. Transferred to Seneca County Jail.


• Tiffany Magnus arrested for persistent disorderly conduct. Transferred to Seneca County Jail.



• Warning issued for equipment at a traffic stop at North Town and Sandusky streets.


• Verbal warning issued for expired trailer plates in a city parking lot. Officer told motorist to park trailer until plates are updated.



• Officer out with a parked car at West Tiffin Street car wash. Tiffin service cab, sleeping driver, no problems, on her way to pickup.

• Officer attempted paper service on South Vine Street; no contact made.

• North Countyline Street caller requested officer for missing items from Sunday morning. Statement left with male, en route to nearby business to get footage; female used card at location.

• Officer out on a home visit it on Lewis Street.

• Officer out on Lynn Street and East South Street for follow-ups.

• Officer out on pDVISED RESIDENCE CKEARED,ortable for a walk-through at Van Buren Street location.

• Assistance rendered in a vehicle unlock on West Center Street.

• 911 transfer from Wood County reporting a North Union Street female reported a physical altercation with her boyfriend. Caller told Wood County she did not need anyone and hung up prior to relaying call. Responding officers advised female stated everything was fine. Male left upon officer arrival.

• 911 call of unresponsive 25-year-old female at an East Tiffin Street location. Female transported to ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital.

• A McDougal Street caller reported hearing someone on second story. Office


• 911 open line tracked back to Beier Drive; officer advised call did not come from location.

• Caller reported a disturbance on West Culbertson Street. Female taken into custody.

• Officer assisted with a vehicle unlock on North Countyline Street.

• Caller reported a vehicle at Midblock with its hazard lights on and no one around. Vehicle ran out of gas; female will be moving it.

• Wood County advised of a 911 hang up call from a female requesting officer for male at a West Center Street location, striking a child and child crying in background. Officer advised they spoke to both parties; both said nothing happened and would not provide further information. Nothing observed.

• Wood County transferred a call reporting three males attempting to break into an apartment by the back window off of the Plaza; female screaming. Officer chased two subjects on foot; subjects in custody. Officer transported two juveniles to a Carrie Lane apartment. Statements collected.

• Perrysburg Road caller requested officer for female parked in a handicap spot, yelling. No disturbance upon officers’ arrival; knocked on doors, unable to make contact.

• Beier Drive caller requested officer for female making threats. Spoke to subject regarding her family member who is on drugs. She is concerned about her. Officer advised her of options.

• 911 hang up call; no address; no answer on call back.

• West Tiffin Street caller requested officer for unruly juvenile female; physical altercation reported. Parties separated; given statement form; requesting charges.

• Officer made contact with resident while delivering paper service to Crocker Street address; subject no long lives there.

• North Union Street caller reported an unknown truck parked in their driveway. Officer made contact with truck owner; vehicle moved.

• Officer out with subjects on East Lytle street; warned for improper crossing the street.

• Peeler Drive caller requested officer for civil issues over a vehicle; male attempting to leave. Officer spoke to both parties. Couple advised the vehicles were marital property and officers could not divide property. Male left to calm things down.

• Sandusky Street caller reported someone struck a pole in the area and the vehicle has since left; no descriptions. Officer advised damage to pole and street light. AEP contacted. Vehicle was possibly red with damaged to the passenger side.

Seneca County



• Deputy assisted State Highway Patrol for a rollover at 2:10 a.m. at North County Road 5 and West Township Road 84. Vehicle was towed from scene.



• State Highway Patrol advised a car traveling at a high rate of speed, traveling eastbound on Ohio 12.

• Alarm activated at McDougal Street location; keyholder contacted; advised everything was OK.


• A West Township Road 116 caller reported fraudulent activity on a bank account.