• A follow-up stop was made at a West Lytle Street regarding a hit/skip accident that had occurred overnight, with the suspect’s vehicle possibly located. A tow was sought and information would be passed on to another officer.

• Officers were requested to assist the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office with a single-vehicle accident. Occupants of the driver said he was not home.



• A male was arrested after a West Crocker Street resident reported a window broken inside the house.



• A warning for a traffic violation was issued on Findlay Street.

• A citation for expired tags was issued on West Center Street.

• A warning for a headlight violation was issued at South Town and East Center streets.


• A citation for illegally driving with a temporary permit was issued at West Culbertson and Cory streets.



• An East High Street caller reported the theft of a trailer plate.



• Property damage was reported at a West Lytle Street address. Options were explained.



• A caller asked for an officer to stand by while she performed an inspection and collected keys at a McDougal Street address. An officer advised of options in a civil matter.

• A caller from a Northview Drive address requested an officer regarding a disturbance. A female collected half of her property and would set up another standby in the future.

• The hospital requested an officer regarding a minor.

• A caller reported a suspicious vehicle at a Perry Street address. The car was found to be legally parked on private property.

• A caller from the 11000 block of West Township Road 112 said her front door would not close and someone may have tried to break in. The call was subsequently canceled.

• Building checks were done on Sandusky Street and Perrysburg Road.

• An officer was requested in regard to an intoxicated male at a Leonard Street address. The caller was advised of options.

• A Davoli Street caller reported someone knocking on the door and throwing things at a window. Officers were unable to locate.

• A Lakeview Drive caller reported a vehicle parked in the grass between two reservoirs. A male was found to be fishing. He was advised of the parking complaint and would be moving the vehicle.

• A caller reported a possible water main break in the area of the 700 block of Summit Street. The break was located.


• A female at the station asked for options regarding issues with a former landlord.

• A business was summoned for an impound tow from an East South Street address. The daughter of the vehicle’s registered owner arrived, paid the tow fee, agreed to move the vehicle from the roadway and was advised of an expired registration.

• A Sandusky Street caller reported two vehicles dumping trash on a neighbor’s property. Contact was made with the land owner, who said the subjects have permission to be on the property.

• An officer attempted to contact a Barcelona Drive resident in regard to property in possession of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office. No one was a home; a message was left.

• A suspicious person was reported at West Jackson and North Union streets. An officer was unable to locate.

• An Arthur Avenue resident reported her engagement ring missing or stolen.

• A domestic disturbance was reported at a Summit Street address. Officers were told the incident was not physical. Subjects said they would separate to calm down. They were advised of options for assistance with child care.

• A possibly intoxicated male was reported at a South Main Street address.

• A burglar alarm was reported at an East Lytle Street address. The building was found to be secure.

• Building checks were done on East Zeller Road, South Union Street, Lakeview Drive, North Vine Street, Perrysburg Road and Plaza Drive.

• An officer assisted the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office regarding a suspicious vehicle on the 11000 block of West Township Road 116.

• An attempted break-in with a window broken was reported on North Vine Street. A patio stone was found to have been thrown against a sliding glass door. The female would be leaving for the night.

• An officer was requested to check the area as a South Main Street resident reported hearing someone attempting to pull on an apartment door knob. An officer was unable to locate.

• An East Center Street caller reported the trailer next door was supposed to be vacant but lights were on. The residence was found to be secure.

• A person at an East Center Street address reported a female yelling for help in the area. Officers heard no yelling and were unable to locate.

• An employee of a North Countyline Street business reported a vehicle parked in the lot for more than an hour. No criminal activity was found. Occupant was eating. The driver was advised of a plate violation and was advised to have someone pick her up.

• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle at a North Countyline Street address.

• A caller reported a male outside a Peeler Drive address. The male was cited for disorderly conduct and was taken to the station for pickup by a sober party.

• An officer was unable to unlock a vehicle at a Herbert Court address. The vehicle’s owner was advised to contact a locksmith.

• Hancock County Sheriff’s Office asked for an officer to try to contact a male at a Lynn Street address regarding a disabled vehicle. The sheriff’s office reported he may have a shotgun. Neither the subject nor his vehicle was at the address. His brother said he no longer lives there and hasn’t seen him.

• A 911 call indicated no location or callback number and nothing could be heard in the background.

• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle at a South Main Street address.

• A male at the station asked to speak to an officer about issues when he went to pick up children from his ex-wife. Officers went to the Park Avenue address and the complainant retrieved the children’s property and his dogs without incident. He was advised of his options and given a statement form.

• A mother asked for her 19-year-old daughter to be removed from an East Center Street residence. A warning for disorderly conduct was issued and options were explained.

• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle at a West Tiffin Street address.

• A bicycle was reported left at a Sandusky Street address. The bicycle was placed into impound.


• An officer assisted in unlocking a vehicle at a North Countyline Street address.

• A Woodward Avenue caller reported an irate, intoxicated male causing a disturbance. A female was upset her boyfriend engaged in a verbal dispute with her grandson. The grandson left prior to an officer’s arrival. The female and her boyfriend were advised of options.

• A parking violation was reported on South Union Street. Ground was marked and an officer would check back in 48 hours.

• The phone was not answered on a 911 callback to an East South Street address.

fire runs


• Fostoria Fire Division requested an officer at a North Countyline Street address.

Seneca County



• A vehicle was seen swerving and nearly causing two accidents in the area of North Ohio 635 and West County Road 592. The driver was stopped on Ohio 18 near 18. There were no signs of impairment but warnings were issued for weaving, marked lanes and a license plate light.

• A warning for two headlights required was issued on the 3800 block of West Ohio 12.



• A resident of the 11000 block of West Township Road 112 said someone may have tried to break in through her front door, which would no longer close. Deputies observed no markings; it appeared the wind caught the storm door, which caused damage to the door frame.


• A caller from the 11000 block of West Township Road 116 reported a vehicle parked in his driveway. The vehicle’s owner at another address said her grandson drives the vehicle and she didn’t know why it would be parked there. She said she would try to get it moved as soon as possible. The homeowner later reported the vehicle was removed.

• A 911 hangup call mapped to an address on the 400 block of South Ohio 587. A callback was not answered. All was found to be well.


• A female from the 12000 block of West Axline Street reported someone colored her dog’s front paws with colored hair spray. She suspected children from another address did it; a deputy would be going there.