The Great Midwest Athletic Conference on Friday ruled to cancel all spring athletics and championships due to coronavirus concerns.

The Great Midwest Presidents Council decided unanimously for the “best interest of protecting the student-athletes and entirety of the campus communities” via an official statement.

All team-related activities are suspended through April 6 for conference members. Also via the release, institutions will “review and implement team-related activities at their own discretion” following the suspended period as permitted by the NCAA.

University of Findlay athletic director Brandi Laurita, who oversees nine men’s and women’s spring sports teams competing in the GMAC, weighed in on the situation.

“We are certainly in an unprecedented time, not only for our country, but in the world of collegiate athletics,” Laurita said in a statement. “Working in accordance with the NCAA, the GMAC, and the state of Ohio, we believe that this is currently the best course of action in what has proven to be an ever-changing and challenging situation.”

The NCAA Board of Governors on Friday released a statement encouraging conferences and schools “to make decisions and take action in the best interest of student-athletes and their communities.”