Public Record

• Caller on 911 advised he was involved in an accident outside a North Countyline Street business, advised another car rear ended his car. Female cited for assured clear distance ahead. Report on file.
• Caller advised of an accident on private property at a North Countyline Street location. Private property accident report taken.
• A juvenile was arrested after a caller reported a domestic incident at an Arthur Avenue location.
• One subject was cited for disorderly conduct after a Beier Drive caller advised of a large fight.
• One citation for ACDA was issued after a non-injury accident outside a North Countyline Street business.
• An East North Street caller advised that someone broke into her house and took meat out of her freezer, unknown if anything else is missing. Under investigation.
• A West Lytle Street caller advised that her keys and other items are missing from the residence.
• A North Union Street complainant advised his vehicle was gone through and a GPS was stolen, also advised that a neighbor had their car gone through. Both cars were unlocked.
• A South Union Street caller advised that a subject was arguing with his girlfriend and in possession of a knife. Verbal argument between parties.
• Caller advised a suspicious person was seen trying to get into vehicles in the area of Rock and North Main streets. Unable to locate subject.
• A South Union Street caller advised of subjects outside yelling at each other. Subject was trying to stop an argument.
• A Beier Drive complainant advised of an unwanted subject at the home. Female party left, male party does not wish to press charges. Male called again later and advised subjects were fighting again. Multiple 911 calls advising of shots fired in the area. No further information available at this time.
• A North Union Street caller advised that someone just attempted to get into her vehicle. Unable to locate subject.
• Tiffin PD requested assistance making contact with a West Crocker Street resident.
• A Summit Street caller advised of a physical altercation between her husband and 6-year-old daughter. Complainant also advised that husband shoved her. Male half left prior to officer’s arrival; complainant wants officer to speak to husband regarding better ways to discipline children.
• A Woodward Avenue complainant advised of vandalism. Extra patrol requested.
• A Jackson Street caller advised that a subject has been banging on the door and woke up the children. Subject had text message to come over, but no answer at the door.
• Officer advised of a car illegally parked at a Beier Drive location with the motor running and a female sleeping inside. Officer advised female was going inside to visit a friend.
• An East Center Street caller advised of a possible burglary in progress, advised she saw someone enter a home through a window. Officer advised female subject lives at the residence.
An East Clark Street caller advised of a bicycle out in his yard since last Friday. Bicycle impounded.
• A West Lytle Street caller advised of loud music coming from neighbors, had been since Friday. Officer spoke to homeowner, advised of complaint.
• A North Countyline Street caller advised she was involved in a deer/car accident on U.S. 23. Officer advised she contact Wood County Sheriff’s Office; WCSO advised caller to return to scene or go to office to report it.
• A Woodward Avenue caller advised her ex-husband assaulted her and is throwing things. Dropped off subject at family member’s house. advised it was a verbal altercation, not physical.
• A West Center Street caller on 911 advised of a fight at location, advised it was a juvenile trying to fight his parents. Hustand and wife arguing about something on the radio. Advised to keep it inside.
• Caller advised of a loud party and vehicles parked in the yard at an East North Street location. Charges pending.
• Caller on 911 advised that her 21-year-old son was pushing her down, calling her crazy and being mean. Spoke to complainant, who advised she felt threatened, requested son to leave. Son complied and was advised of options.
• A West Center Street caller advised a male attempted to break into his vehicle, but his dogs alerted him and he spotted the subject before entry was made; subject fled toward reservois. Officer out with subject; subject dropped off at his residence. Complainant identified subject as the suspect, but did not see the suspect on his property.
• 911 call transferred from Wood County, caller advised his wife had just struck him in the head with a lantern and he was bleeding, advised he did not need EMS. Complainant chose to leave the residence for the evening.
• A Perrysburg Road caller advised of loud music from the apartment below hers. Officer heard no music or sounds.
• Caller advised of a 3-4 year-old juvenile walking alone on the roadway near the intersection of North Union Street and West Culbertson Street. Mother advised juvenile was at friend’s house, will handle discipline.
• Officer served a subpoena at a North Town Street location.
• Caller advised of a water main break at the intersection of East Fremont and North Town streets. Street department notified.
• Driver warned for improper stop after a traffic stop on West Tiffin Street.
• Staff at ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital advised that an assault occurred last week. Subject refused to answer officer’s questions.
• A South Main Street caller advised she heard subjects at a vacant house. Subjects still have belongings in residence.
•A North Union Street caller advised that subjects upstairs are ringing her doorbell. Party advised of complaint.
fire runs
• EMS dispatched to U.S. 23 / East Lytle Street at 3:38 a.m. for a subject lying in the roadway. Subject transported to FCH.
• 911 caller requested EMS to 416 Ash Street for a male who may have overdosed. Subject transported to FCH.
• EMS called to 1521 North Countyline Street at 10:33 p.m. for male subject with facial injuries. Subject transported to FCH.
Seneca County
• A West Axline Street caller advised that it sounded like there were fireworks outside. No fireworks observed.
• Caller advised of two juveniles that were running around outside without any clothes at an East Ohio 18 location.



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