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Royal court pig

Opinion on When Pigs Sue

Activists seek animal ‘personhood’ in courts “People are animals, too,” goes the refrain from animal rights activists trying to morally equate people and animals. “Animals are people, too,” is what...

Hillary Clinton ‘too big to jail’

Hillary Clinton ‘too big to jail’ James Comey continues to supply the champagne at Hillary Clinton’s headquarters, after making sure she wouldn’t have to spend Election Night in a 5 by 7 jail cell. That...

Britain’s economy, post-Brexit

Britain’s economy, post-Brexit This is no time to sell the United Kingdom short. Its economic and political institutions remain among the strongest in the world and should afford it considerable opportunity to negotiate new...

PETER MORICI: Faltering Obamacare

PETER MORICI: Obamacare kept afloat by government subsidies The wheels are coming off Obamacare. Insurance premiums and the burden on the federal budget are spinning out of control. For Democrats, the answer is simple – raise...

CLIFFORD MAY: Obama’s ‘boy wonder’

CLIFFORD MAY: How Ben Rhodes helped Obama betray America Among the most serious charges that President Obama and his supporters have leveled against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney: They “cherry-picked...

Why the Washington GOP establishment loves Hillary Clinton

Why the Washington GOP establishment loves Hillary Clinton Steve Schmidt, the GOP strategist who ran Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, predicted last week, after businessman Donald Trump became the GOP’s...

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