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Defeating jihadists with force works every time

Defeating jihadists with force works every time Apologies to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, who this week claimed we are in a “narrative war” with the Islamic State, or ISIS, but here’s the only narrative that...

ISIS in the Middle East and now here

ISIS in the Middle East and now here Searching for a strategy to defeat Islamic supremacists in America A comprehensive strategy to defeat Islamic supremacists must include not only a war plan to defeat the enemy on the active...

How to further undermine the economy: Hillary wants tax increases

Hillary Clinton’s tax increases further undermine the economy Throughout his two terms in the White House, Barack Obama has either exaggerated or covered up his failed record on the economy. Soon after taking office in the midst...
Money equals power and influence

Opinion: Clinton family insider’s game

An insider’s game How political lobbyists profit from Clintons’ influence Clinton family benefits lobbyists In the underworld of political lobbying, John Podesta is king. He co-founded the Podesta Group, whose international client list...
Stand for Freedom

The impact of racial unrest

Charging ‘racism’ in order to distract Last year I warned my radio audience that the summer of 2016 would be a summer of race riots. They would be violent. The riots would ostensibly be a reaction to a particular event, but...
Truth or lies

Opinion: National Leadership Matters

Moral relativism has distorted the meaning of justice After last week’s protests over police practices, the mass killing of cops in Dallas, and usual efforts to take political advantage, it should be evident to every American...

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