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U.S. Statues, courtesy Freepik

First they came for the Confederacy

First they came for the Confederacy Now trendy Catholics are toppling their religious icons While most Catholic leaders have been silent about the removal of the statues of Confederate War hero Robert E. Lee, and the desecration of...
Sancutary Cities

Sanctuary city policies infect federal law enforcement agencies

Washington D.C. itself follows a sanctuary city policy The U.S. Capitol itself follows a sanctuary city policy that protects illegal immigrants from being turned over to deportation agents, a Republican congressman said Friday,...
Media Report - Bias & Libel

Media bias may be immune to libel laws

Media bias may be immune to libel laws The so-called Sullivan rule, which largely freed the media from pursuit by libel lawyers, is the gold standard in American newsrooms. Gold doesn’t collect tarnish. Nevertheless, thoughtful...
Opinion: Exporting the new American Revolution

Exporting the new American revolution

American example can influence the world The voice of the chicken, like the voice of the turtle, is heard in the land and it’s making a fearsome racket, on final approach to the roost. The established order has been turned upside...

When the drug crisis hits home

When the drug crisis hits home The heartbreak of 50,000 dead is everywhere No one wants to read about drug addiction, abuse, overdose numbers and young death. Why should they? Why should anyone who is steady, healthy and cogent enough...

Taking back the border between USA and Mexico

Taking back the border Trump’s election has made it possible Donald Trump may have shocked the world when he was elected president of the United States, but Latino voters proved to be an even bigger surprise. Election Day exit polling...

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