Winners Announced In ’13 OAPME Newspaper Contest

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — DIVISION I, newspapers with a daily circulation up to 7,999:

General Excellence: 1, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; 2, Troy Daily News; 3, Chillicothe Gazette; 3, The Ironton Tribune (tie).

Best Headline Writer: 1, Joel Sensenig, The (Fostoria) Review Times; 2, Lora Abernathy, Wilmington News Journal; 3, Chad Williamson, Marysville Journal-Tribune.

Best Business Writer: 1, Lance Cranmer, Washington Court House Record Herald; 2, Kristina Smith, The (Fremont) News-Messenger; 3, Dustin Ensinger, The Delaware Gazette.

Best Columnist: 1, David Fong, Troy Daily News; 2, Gary Abernathy, Hillsboro Times-Gazette; 3, Ron Grubb, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

Best Editorial Writer: 1, Jim Mackey, The (East Liverpool) Review; 2, Michael Caldwell, The Ironton Tribune; 3, Mike Throne, Chillicothe Gazette.

Best Feature Writer: 1, David Berman, Chillicothe Gazette; 2, Jeff Barron, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; 3, Anthony Conchel, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum.

Best Graphics Artist: 1, Kandi Thompson, The Ironton Tribune; 2, Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; 3, Jason Smith, The (Fostoria) Review Times.

Best Sports Columnist: 1, David Fong, Troy Daily News; 2, Vince Guerrieri, The (Fremont) News-Messenger; 3, Blake Williams, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

Best Sports Feature Writer: 1, Jim Walker, The Ironton Tribune; 2, Vince Nairn, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette; 3, David Fong, Troy Daily News.

Best Sports Writer: 1, David Fong, Troy Daily News; 2, Josh Brown, Troy Daily News; 3, Vince Guerrieri, The (Fremont) News-Messenger.

Best Photographer: 1, Brent Lewis, Chillicothe Gazette; 2, Jessica St. James, The Ironton Tribune; 3, James Miller, The Marion Star.

Best News Writer: 1, Benita Heath, The Ironton Tribune; 2, John Jarvis, The Marion Star; 3, Richard Sberna, The (East Liverpool) Review.

Best Sports Event Coverage: 1, Blake Williams, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Bloom-Carroll Softball State Title”; 2, David Fong, Troy Daily News, “Believe the Hype”; 3, Scott Richards, Chillicothe Gazette, “State Track.”

Best Sports Enterprise: 1, Vince Guerrieri, Port Clinton News-Herald, “OHSAA Competitive Balance Issues”; 2, Scott Richards, Chillicothe Gazette, “Still a Long Way to Go”; 3, David Fong, Troy Daily News, “Catfished.”

Best Special Sports Section: 1, The (East Liverpool) Review, “High School Football 2013”; 2, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Camelback Tab”; 3, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “2013 High School Football Preview.”

Best Daily Sports Section: 1, Troy Daily News; 2, Coshocton Tribune; 3, The (East Liverpool) Review.

Best Informational Graphics: 1, Lori Tuttle, Hillsboro Times-Gazette, “Tragic Circle Surrounding Jada Beth”; 2, Kandi Thompson, The Ironton Tribune, “What is the Emergency?”; 3, Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Proposed Paving Project Plans.”

Best Illustration: 1, Tony Maluso, The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune, “465”; 2, Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Pair’s Leadership Shines”; 3, Rich Lewis, Chillicothe Gazette, “Keep it Simple.”

Best Breaking News Photo: 1, Nancy Radcliff, Circleville Herald, “A Mother’s Prayer”; 2, Ryan Horns, Marysville Journal-Tribune, “Bad Day”; 3, Brent Lewis, Chillicothe Gazette, “Close Call for Family.”

Best General News Photo: 1, Bill Sinden, The Marion Star, “Marine Surprises Graduate”; 2, Jess Grimm, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Planning for the Worst”; 3, Matthew Berry, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Military Mother Surprises Son.”

Best Feature Photo: 1, Dave Polcyn, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, “A Little to the Left, Please”; 2, Pat Gaietto, The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune, “Rodeo”; 3, Jessica St. James, The Ironton Tribune, “Not Everyone Loves a Parade.”

Best Sports Photo: 1, Dave Polcyn, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, “One Win Short”; 2, James Miller, The Marion Star, “State Wrestling Championships”; 3, J.D. Creer, The Salem News, “Ref Knocked Over.”

Best Photo Essay: 1, Jess Grimm, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Homegrown Life”; 2, James Miller, The Marion Star, “Teachers Learn Self Defense”; 3, Anthony Weber, Troy Daily News, “Fair-Well.”

Best Community Service: 1, Kristina Smith, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Cancer Cluster”; 2, Jeff Barron, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Meals on Wheels”; 3, Ryan Horns, Marysville Journal-Tribune, “Taken to the Cleaners.”

Best Special Section: 1, Chillicothe Gazette, “Salute to Veterans”; 2, Debra Tobin, Logan Daily News, “Breast Cancer Awareness”; 3, Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum, “Blueprint.”

Best Breaking News Coverage: 1, The (Tiffin) Advertiser-Tribune, “5 Kids, Man Die in Trailer Fire”; 2, Mary Ann Greier, The Salem News, “Salem Teacher Quits Amid Allegations”; 3, Valerie Boateng, Coshocton Tribune, “911 Call.”

Best Explanatory Reporting: 1, Nick Bechtel, The Marion Star, “Heroin in Marion: Recovering from Addiction”; 2, Piqua Daily Call, “1913 Flood Series”; 3, Chike Erokwu, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Causes of Jail Overcrowding.”

Best Enterprise Reporting: 1, Kristina Smith, Port Clinton News-Herald, “Lake Erie Algae Coverage”; 2, Daniel Carson and Kristina Smith, The (Fremont) News-Messenger, “Downtown Fremont”; 3, David Berman, Chillicothe Gazette, “Masco’s Exit Still Affecting Area.”

Best Investigative Reporting: 1, Jona Ison, Chillicothe Gazette, “Officer Reprimanded”; 2, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, “Clerk of Courts Investigation”; 3, Ryan Horns, Marysville Journal-Tribune, “Eighth Street Arsonist.”

Best Full Page Layout: 1, Kathy Ording, Troy Daily News, “A Taste of History”; 2, Melody Vallieu, Troy Daily News, “Come Sea!”; 3, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

Best Page One Layout: 1, Kandi Thompson, The Ironton Tribune; 2, The (East Liverpool) Review; 3, Coshocton Tribune.

Best Use of Multimedia: 1, Lora Abernathy, Wilmington News Journal, “Major Case of Corruption”; 2, Trevor Jones, Coshocton Tribune; 3, Lori Tuttle, Hillsboro Times-Gazette, “More Than 100 Dogs Found.”



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