Bruce Anthony Bowers

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On November 21, 2017, Bruce Anthony Bowers took his final trip and went home.
He was born on February 9,1956. He attended Fostoria High School. Bruce was a very intelligent man whose love and passion for knowledge and learning continued until his death. He loved history and language, and was an avid reader with an outstanding encyclopedic memory. He loved to travel, and loved riding his Harley Davidson.
Bruce was a kind and compassionate man who willingly gave the little that he had when he saw a need. He will be remembered for his compassion for animals and people. His life’s motto was “the fortunate should always help the less fortunate, and the strong should help the weak.”
He will be missed by his daughter Nicole, and husband Randy of North Carolina, as well as his son Christopher, and wife Emily, of Ohio, and 6 grandchildren.
In addition to his children and grandchildren, Bruce will be dearly missed by his best friend, Mona Parker, whose love and true friendship brought joy and companionship to his later years. Condolences can be sent to 1150 Pine Cross Drive Mount Pleasant, NC 28124. Donations can be made in honor of his life to the Hancock or Seneca County Humane Society.



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