Public Record

• Caller advised of an accident on the 100th block of Summit Street at 6 a.m.
• An unidentified female was transported to Arcadia on a warrant.
• A subject came on station when there was an active warrant out for their arrest.
• The court brought down Amy Marie Thomas on a committal.
• A minor misdemeanor citation was issued to a subject parked listening to loud music after a caller complained about the noise.
• Citation was issued in a three car, no-injury accident at 3:12 p.m. at the intersection of North Countyline and West Fremont streets.
• Complainant requested an officer on stand by while they were moving property; subject was able to leave location without issue and asked that police not make contact with neighbor, as it could cause additional tension.
• Officer performed a home wisit on Stoner Road.
• Caller requested a welfare check at a East North Street residence; officer was unable to locate subject.
• Officer transported two prisoners.
• Male requested welfare check on female at a home on Leonard Street. Officer made contact with the subject; there was no evidence of physical violence and female left location to avoid other altercations.
• Officer assisted in a vehicle unlock.
• A juvenile was transported to Intermediate School.
• A caller advised they locked their keys in a vehicle while pumping gas; officer assisted.
• Complainant reported a male and female walking in traffic on Culberston and Buckley streets.
• Individual who reportedly tried to harm themself was transported to the hospital.
• A woman stated three small dogs were loose and tried to bite her on Taft Boulevard; owner was informed of the complaint and dogs were taken inside.
• Officer assisted subject who needed directions.
• Man was warned for panhandling and trespassing; he was advised to move off the property, which he did after a short confrontation with an officer.
• Complainant came on station requesting to speak to an officer regarding elder abuse; he was advised of his options.
• Female stated an unwanted male subject was at her residence; subject was gone upon arrival and female was advised of options for a court protection order.
Seneca County
• Caller advised of a possible disabled vehicle in a ditch; car belonged to the owner of the property.
• Complainant reported an elderly male occupant in a damaged car parked in a lot in Hopewell Township; officer was unable to locate.
• An area school employee requested a welfare check on an Ohio 19 residence when a student did not show up for school after making questionable remarks on social media; home was empty and officer was unable to make contact.
• Subject stated a large fight broke out in front of a trailer on Ohio 53; all parties were warned for disorderly conduct.