Public Record

• Officer issued a citation for a parking violation.
• Subject came on station and reported a subject stole some money from him. Subject left prior to officer being able to speak to him.
• ADT reported a commercial break in alarm in the 100 block of West South Street. The rear door was found open, but the owner does not believe anything was missing.
• Caller reported a power line was dangling in the parking lot of a North Countyline Street restaurant. AEP was contacted and is taking care of the issue.
• Complainant stated an unwanted male was at the residence asking to trade something for sex. Officer could not get a coherent story from either party and advised male to leave.
• Officer reported to a residence where subject was open burning. Subject was advised of the law regarding open burning.
• Caller advised a dog got loose and attacked another dog. Officer stated dogs from several residences got into a fight. Owner of dog would not answer the door and case is under investigation. A caller later stated a female was attacked by the dog and was injured.
• Caller wanted to speak to an officer regarding a suspicious person who was at his house a couple days ago and has come back several times harrassing him. Officer will attempt to locate subject.
• Complainant advised they were leaving their trailer and the porch light at the trailer across the street was flickering. Officer reported this is an ongoing issue and officers have responded to it previously. Officers were again unable to make contact with anyone.
• Caller reported her neighbors were arguing outside, possibly three males and a female. Officer reported persons were sleeping at locationg and male outside near location advised he had been outside and heard and saw nothing.
• Officer advised of a dog outside and will take it to impound. Dog warden was notified.
• Officer stated lights were out at the intersection of Findlay Street and West Lytle Street. Street department was notified and lights are now working again.
• Complainant reported a dog running around area. Dog was returned to owner.
• Caller advised of an alarm going off on a vehicle nearby. Assistance was rendered.
• Complainant requested assistance getting into his vehicle. Assistance was rendered.
• Dog warden was advised of a dog bite between two separate animals and requested assistance. Animals were separated prior to officer’s arrival.
• Bus driver informed of an active altercation amongst juveniles in the area of East High Street and North Poplar Street. All subjects must have dispersed prior to officer’s arrival.
fire runs
• Caller requested an ambulance for her 84-year-old father who was sweating in the 200 block of West Lytle Street at 3:38 p.m.
• EMS requested to the 1000 block of North Main Street at 12:24 a.m. for an 80-year-old male with a possible stroke.
• EMS requested for an 84-year-old female who was sweating profusely in the 100 block of East Eagle Street at 12:25 a.m.
• EMS requested by Wood County Sherrif’s Office for a 73-year-old male who was disoriented at 7:24 a.m.
• EMS requested to the 700 block of Columbus Ave at 12:10 p.m. for an elderly female with low blood pressure.
• EMS requested for a medical alert in the 900 block of Buckley Street at 1:12 p.m.
Seneca County
• Caller advised County Road 39 railroad crossing has been blocked for 45 minutes, semis are backed up and County Road 592 is closed. Deputy reported crossing is now clear.