Public Record

• Complainant reported her vehicle was struck by another vehicle in the 100 block of West High Street at 3:32 p.m.
• Officer issued a parking citation following a report of a vehicle blocking a Gerlock Drive driveway.
• Officer will be issuing citations for misuse of 911 following a 911 hangup from a West Fourth Street address.
• A North Countyline Street caller advised her cat stole her lit cigarette and she couldn’t find it; was afraid it would start a fire. Officer did a walk-through of the residence and was unable to locate. Subject declined assistance from the fire department.
• Officer requested a tow for a vehicle on Eastern Avenue that had its tires marked a few days prior.
• Officer located a loose canine on Glenwood Avenue and transported it to the impound.
• Subject advised of vehicles that had been parked on Perry Street for a while without moving. Officer spoke to owners who would move the vehicles.
• Caller stated her friend needed help at a Peeler Drive address. Officer gave a subject a verbal no trespass order and advised the friend to pack up the subjects belongings for him to pick up at the station; advised the friend how to obtain a CPO.
• Hancock County Sheriff’s Office requested an officer speak with a subject at a North Countyline Street address and have them contact the sheriff’s office.
• Complainant requested an officer for an unruly juvenile on Cherry Street. Child was warned for disorderly conduct and the mother declined to press charges.
• A North Union Street resident advised a truck drove by and broke a limb from her tree; requested a complaint on file.
• Caller stated they were watching a live feed video at a park in town and they witnessed a male subject get out of a vehicle and take something from a trailer at the location. Officer checked the area and spoke with someone in charge who stated there was no way the subject took anything.
• Caller advised the southbound red light at North Main and East Center streets was out. The street department was notified and would take care of it.
• Officer was out with vehicles in a North Countyline Street parking lot with four-ways on; subjects were having vehicle issues and were pushing them into the parking lot.
fire runs
• At 5:19 a.m., EMS was dispatched to the 1200 block of Sandusky Street for a male subject on blood thinners who cut his hand and was bleeding pretty bad.
• EMS was requested for a diabetic subject who wasn’t feeling well in the 1200 block of Sandusky Street at 10:05 p.m.
• Squad was dispatched at 11:33 p.m. for a subject who fell in the 20 block of Christopher Drive.