Public Record

• Bridget Gillen, 40, no listed address, turned herself in on a warrant out of Seneca County.
• Charles Ray Epley, 48, listed address 709 W. North St., was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and violation of a protection order or consent agreement following a report from a female subject stating her husband kicked in the door of her West North Street home and took her truck.
• Complainant came on station to speak with an officer regarding a check that was issued for a school fundraiser in the amount of $32 but someone wrote their name in the payor section and cashed the check. Incident is under investigation.
• Complainant reported his wallet was stolen while at a South Countyline Street business. Officer made contact with the store to receive a copy of the tape.
• An East Lytle Street employee reported a juvenile shoplifted a bunch of items and ran out of the store. Officer advised the juvenile’s guardian of the complaint.
• Complainant advised of four dogs in her East Center Street yard that belonged to an East Tiffin Street neighbor. Officer spoke with owners who gathered the canines.
• Caller requested a welfare check on her juvenile daughter who lives with her sister on Peeler Drive. Officer spoke to subject who were fine, just going through the grieving process.
• An area school bus driver reported a bus red light violation at West Lytle Street and Midblock. Incident is under investigation.
• Complainant reported the school called and said her daughters were not in attendance. Officer noted the juveniles had been located — they missed the bus and were at the library; officer would attempt to locate and take them to school.
• Subject came on station with a dog she found. Dog warden was notified.
• Officer assisted in a vehicle unlock on East Lytle Street.
• Complainant requested an officer to her Columbus Avenue residence in regards to subjects who were not supposed to be there and were causing problems; claimed they stole her jewelry. Officer spoke to other subjects who dumped out all of their stuff and no jewelry was located; complaint unfounded.
• A Plaza Drive employee reported subjects were dumping their trash into the store’s dumpster.
• Caller advised a vehicle had been parked on Colonial Drive all day with the gas cap off. Officer was unable to locate the owner; advised neighbor to call back if someone comes around.
• A Beech Street resident advised a bike that didn’t belong to her was leaning up against her garage. Upon callback, the resident stated the bike was gone.
• A 911 caller stated he wanted to report drug activity and then hung up.
• Complainant reported there was a dog locked in a garage with not windows on Sandusky Street and that the canine had been there all day and all the day prior. Officer noted lights were on in the garage and there were dogs in the house as well; requested dispatch to contact the Humane Society regarding to complaint and zoning regarding issues with the house and trash. As the officer was leaving, a neighbor approached him and advised the owner leaves the male dog in the garage and the female dogs in the house as they are in heat.
• Subject came on station requested to speak with an officer regarding an incident.
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office transferred a call regarding a vehicle that was all over the roadway near Columbus Avenue and Ohio 587. Officer was unable to locate.
• Subject requested a welfare check on her son whose girlfriend allegedly texted her stating ‘your son needs you.’ Officer spoke to the son who advised there was no problem.
fire runs
• EMS was requested for a female subject who fell and had hip pain in the 800 block of West North Street at 8:31 a.m.
Seneca County
• Deputy issued a citation for expired license following a traffic stop at North County Road 31 and West Township Road 170.
• Deputies investigated a break in at West Ohio 18 location.