Public Record

• Complainant requested an officer for a non-injury crash near East Lytle and State streets at 9:38 a.m. Officer advised it was a minor collision and the drivers worked it out themselves.
• Caller reported hitting a parked car in the 400 block of West Lytle Street at 10:07 a.m.
• A juvenile was arrested for vandalism outside a Park Avenue location.
• Officer issued a citation for improper lane change following a report of an accident at an East Lytle Street location.
• Officer issued a citation for speeding and for a child-restraint violation following a traffic stop outside a Findlay Street location.
• Employee of a North Countyline Street carryout reported she had two cartons of cigarettes stolen by a male who got into a dark vehicle and fled north out of the parking lot. Officer advised he was unable to locate the vehicle but the surveillance video would be put on a disc.
• Complainant reported his cultivator was stolen from his East Fremont Street residence and he found it on Facebook, advised he was at the home where the cultivator was. Officer advised the item was returned to the owner and the resident advised a male was walking by the house last week and sold it to her.
• Employee of a South Main Street business requested an officer as someone shot a BB gun at their window.
• A North Grant Street caller reported someone broke out the rear driver’s side window of his truck. Officer verified the damage to the back rear window but was unable to find a cause.
• A Lynn Street caller requested to speak to an officer regarding the windows being broken out of her son’s and mother’s cars. Officer advised it appeared someone used a crowbar and busted out all of the windows in the vehicles.
• Complainant brought on station a dog he found running loose near a West High Street location. Officer advised the dog was taken to the Jackson Street impound.
• 9-1-1 caller requested an officer as her teenage sister was threatening to slit her own throat at a Miller Avenue location. Officer advised he transported the juvenile to the hospital to speak with Firelands.
• 9-1-1 caller requested officers to a Peeler Drive location for a teenage female who was refusing to go to school. Officer advised the juvenile was leaving with her backpack when he arrived.
• Complainant reported a male juvenile found a pair of hedge clippers near a Starr Avenue location and was chasing another juvenile with them. Officer advised he spoke to the juvenile, who denied the allegation, and advised him to stay out of other people’s yards.
• Complainant came on station requesting to speak to an officer regarding a situation with her daughter and grandson.
• Complainant reported he was trying to get his belongings and the resident of a Summit Street location wouldn’t let him in the house. Officer advised both parties were not getting along and that the female could not lock the complainant out.
• The maintenance man of a Beier Drive location reported one of the tenants called him and said there were a bunch of juveniles turning the spigot on in front of the buildings and letting the watter run. Officer advised he spoke to several juveniles and advised them to spread the word to other children.
• A Davoli Street caller reported he had a problem and requested an officer. Officer advised of a small get together that turned into a verbal argument; advised the caller was the one who actually started the incident but it has since calmed down.
• Complainant came on station with his grandson, requesting to speak to an officer regarding a situation at his grandson’s residence.
• Complainant came on station and reported his aunt and uncle were removing property from the West Tiffin Street home he owns.
• An Arbor Street caller requested an officer regarding a neighbor who was at her house causing a disturbance outside. Officer advised he spoke to both parties, who came to an understanding.
• An East South Street caller reported a van blaring music in the alley between South and Crocker streets. Officer advised he was unable to locate the vehicle.
fire runs
• 9-1-1 call at 10:33 a.m., EMS requested to the 200 block of West North Street for a diabetic female.
• 9-1-1 call at 11:16 a.m., lift assist requested to the 700 block of Stinchcomb Drive for an elderly female.
• 9-1-1 call at 4:09 p.m., EMS requested to the 100 block of Fall Street for a male who is a diabetic and was having difficulty staying awake.
• 9-1-1 call to the 800 block of Buckley Street at 11:04 p.m. for a female who recently had surgery, and fell and passed out.
Seneca County
• A West County Road 62 resident came on station to speak to a deputy referencing damage to his property from spray overdrift.