Public Record

• Caller reported a non-injury accident in the 700 block of Maple Street at 9:29 a.m.
• Officer issued a citation for a stop sign violation following a traffic stop at an East Jones Street location.
• Officer issued a citation for a red light violation following a traffic stop at South Poplar and East South streets.
• Complainant reported loud music at a West Crocker Street location. Officer advised he checked the area twice and was unable to hear music.
• Subject found a wallet at West South Street and Midblock.
• Complainant advised of item in the roadway obstructing traffic. Officer advised the item was removed from the road.
• Officer advised he was out with an intoxicated male subject at South Poplar and East Tiffin streets; advised he was left in the care of his brother and advised to stay inside.
• Officer advised a semi rubbed up against a pole at North Countyline and Elm streets; advised the pole was not broken but had moved.
• A Summit Street complainant advised her husband hit her and then left. Officer advised it was an argument over a phone recording; advised the subject used an open hand and hit the complainant on the side of the head; advised she didn’t want to press charges.
• Caller advised of a disturbance between a husband, wife and ex-wife outside of a North Main Street location. Officer advised subjects were quiet upon his arrival; advised they denied arguing.
• Caller requested an officer as there was a bat in his East Fremont Street residence.
fire runs
• EMS was requested to the 3400 block of Gwilym Road at 1:01 a.m.
• EMS responded at 12:25 p.m. for a male subject in the 700 block of Park Avenue.
Seneca County
• Complainant advised he was driving a combine and he got over to let a vehicle pass him when his tires got in someone’s yard; advised the property owner then started following him and cussing at him; advised had been following him for 45-60 minutes.
• Caller advised he saw a Fostoria City School bus suspiciously driving around near West Ohio 18 and North Township Road 47 turning its lights on and off and stopping at random driveways. Deputy advised unable to locate.
• Caller advised of an abandoned vehicle that had been sitting at a West County Road 28 location for three weeks. Deputy advised the property owner was aware the vehicle was there and was fine with it.