Public Record

• Complainant reported a van hit the mirror of her vehicle and drove off at 9:46 a.m. at a North Union Street location.
• Jamie D. Taylor, 43, 345 W Lytle St., Apt. 4, was arrested for disorderly conduct.
• Officer advised he issued a citation following a non-injury crash at a West Lytle Street location.
• Complainant advised of a theft from a vehicle parked at a South Countyline Street location. Officer advised a purse was stolen from an unlocked vehicle.
• A North Countyline Street caller requested an officer regarding her cell phone that was taken by her husband when he moved out.
• Emergency room requested officers as a patient from Firelands punched glass and injured their hand. Officer advised subject was transported to another hospital.
• A Peeler Drive caller advised she allowed her daughter to stay at a friend’s house and she stopped checking in after a while, advised she checked apartment and saw lights on but no one answered. Officer advised youth were sleeping, that is why door was not answered.
• A South Main Street caller advised her neighbors are drinking in their garage and playing loud music next to her bedroom.
• Female called 9-1-1, advised her baby’s father pushed her against stairs at a West Center Street location. Officer advised it was a verbal dispute, male half volunteered to leave.
• A Buckley Street caller advised of a suspicious vehicle and trailer parked on her property. Officer advised vehicle was legally parked on owner’s property.
• A Buckley Street caller advised five vehicles were stopped and people were yelling and screaming. Officer advised all involved got in vehicles and left the scene.
• Anonymous caller advised of individuals at a Lynn Street location appear to be getting ready to fight. Officer advised was unable to locate other subject.
• Complainant advised of a dog running loose in the Columbus Avenue area. Officer advised he was unable to locate dog after driving through area several times.
• A South Union Street caller advised her dog attacked and killed her other dog and would not allow them near the dead dog. Officer advised someone from the Seneca County Dog Warden’s Office came on station and deemed the dog dangerous.
• Complainant came on station and requested to speak to an officer regarding an issue with her son and the father of her children.
• Complainant requested an officer to keep the peace while she picks up her things at an East Fremont Street location.
• A Beier Drive caller advised someone keyed her vehicle last night.
• Subject turned in a debit card found in the parking lot of a Perry Street location. Officer advised it would be placed into evidence.
• A Seneca Avenue requested to speak to an officer regarding neighborhood children picking on her daughter. Officer advised all involved are working it out.
• An East Fremont Street caller advised there is a female at the location causing problems. Officer advised all were warned for disorderly conduct and the female causing problems would be leaving.
• Caller requested officer to a Van Buren Street location for a patient they are treating.
• A South Poplar Street caller requested an officer in regards to someone dumping trash behind her home.
• An East South Street caller advised she is getting mail from someone she has a CPO against.
• A Van Buren Street caller requested an officer for a dog bite victim. Officer advised Seneca County Dog Warden’s Office deemed the dog vicious.
• Complainant advised his mechanic will not give him the keys to the North Union Street shop. Officer advised employee was going to find keys and return them to officer.
• Complainant came on station and requested to speak to an officer regarding a trespass order for his son.
• A Perry Street caller advised of a male subject walking up and down the road yelling at cars. Officer advised subject was transported home and was advised to stay indoors or would be arrested for public intoxication.
• A Beier Drive caller advised a group of juveniles just tried to gang up on her daughter. Officer advised juveniles were arguing over a boy.
• Caller advised she was walking by a Lynn Street residence when a man walked out and came after her with his cane. Officer advised male subject was warned for disorderly conduct.
• Caller advised of juveniles playing at a North Wood Street location and wrapping swings around a pole. Officer advised no officer was around at the time so it was not investigated.
• An East Crocker Street caller requested to speak to an officer regarding someone throwing Kool-Aid in her face. Officer advised subject will stay in bedroom for the night.
• Caller reported an intoxicated male falling in the parking lot of a West South Street business. Officer advised subject was taken to a West Crocker Street location.
• Report of a loud party at a Beier Drive location. Officer advised party goers of complaint.
• Report of loud music at a North Main Street location. Officers advised subject of complaint and to turn music down.
fire runs
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office requested a squad at 2:32 a.m. to Pelton’s Trailer Court for a male with possible food poisoning.
Seneca County
• Dorian Williams, Fostoria, was picked up on an indictment.
• Caller advised when she got home to her West Township Road 112 residence, she saw a subject on her porch; advised she was frightened and went to a friends house; requested a deputy check the residence for any signs of break in or theft. Officer advised he was flagged down by other members of the residence who advised they checked the downstairs but not the upstairs; advised he was going to check the upstairs with them.
• Complainant advised there was something going on between Township Road 94 and Township Road 90; advised it might have been ATV’s in the roadway or fields. Deputy advised they were up and down the roadways; advised unable to locate.
• Deputy advised of a vehicle going 71 in a 55 near West Ohio 18 and North County Road 5. The driver advised she was en route to the hospital with the passenger. Deputy advised driver he would check up with the hospital and the consequences if her statement was false.