Public Record

• Nathan A. McCluskey, 34, Findlay, was arrested for open container, possession of marijuana and having weapons under disability.
• Officer issued a citation for speeding following a traffic stop at the intersection of North Union Street and West Jones Road.
• Officer issued citations for expired plates and no operator’s license following a traffic stop at a West South Street location.
• Officer issued a citation for speeding following a traffic stop at Findlay and West Lytle streets.
• Officer issued a citation for two headlights required following a traffic stop at a North Countyline Street location.
• One citation for improper turn into traffic issued following a traffic stop at a North Main Street location.
• A Westhaven Drive caller reported a theft of a bike.
• Complainant reported he had several large metal pipes stolen from a North Main Street business and the suspect fled down Rock Street and pipes fell out at corner of Rock and Union streets. Officer advised suspect is said to be an older white male with longer white hair driving a dark vehicle.
• A North Vine Street caller reported a theft of numerous household items. Under investigation.
• Officer advised the north side of a North Main Street building is being used as a chalk board and a vent to the basement has been kicked in. The corner is being used as a staging ground for student pick-up and drop-off by Fostoria City Schools. Officer advised complaint will be forwarded to school resource officer.
• A West Crocker Street caller requested officers as she just returned home and heard a loud bang from the rear of the house. Officer advised there was no forced entry, nothing was disturbed.
• Complainant requested a welfare check on her elderly uncle at a West Lytle Street location. Officer advised no vehicle was in the driveway and no one was inside.
• Hancock County Sheriff’s Office requested an officer head to an Ohio 12 location as they had a report of a male walking into town with a rifle. Officer checked the area, along with side roads, and was unable to locate anyone.
• Complainant requested to file unruly charges against her juvenile daughter.
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office advised of a possible intoxicated driver on Ohio 12. Officer advised owner of vehicle will move to bank parking lot and attempt to get medications adjusted in the morning for the driver.
• A South Union Street caller reported an ongoing situation with her neighbors allowing their children to walk in and across her yard and now the children are throwing pop cans in her yard.
fire runs
• 9-1-1 call at 6:55 a.m., employee of a Columbus Avenue nursing home requested EMS for a female.
• Alarm company advised of a subject at a location in the 700 block of Stinchcomb Drive at 9:19 a.m. Officer advised entry was made, subject had fallen and EMS has subject now.
• Complainant requested EMS at 9:34 a.m. to a location in the 200 block of Sandusky Street for his elderly mother.
• Alarm company advised subject at a location in the 700 block of Chesapeake Court has fallen and needs a lift assist at 9:40 a.m.
• EMS sent to a location in the 10 block of Barcelona Drive at 7:25 p.m.
• Squad request at 8:39 p.m. for a patient at a Dillon Circle location.
Seneca County
• Tiffin Police Department requested deputies check to see if a missing juvenile was at a West Ohio 18 location. Deputy advised the subject was at the residence; advised he was transported to Tiffin.
• Complainant reported a reckless driver on West Ohio 18 who drove really close behind her and nearly ran her off the road. Deputy advised the subject of the complaint; advised he didn’t observe any violations when he caught up with him near West County Road 26.
• Subject came on station to report an alleged sexual assault that occurred in Bettsville.