Public Record

• Caller reported a hit-skip by a truck in the 1100 block of North Countyline Street. Subject left prior to officer arrival, but a complaint was filed.
• Caller reported a two vehicle accident with minor injuries at 4:05 p.m. at the corner of North Countyline Street and West North Street. Reinhart’s Auto Body towed one vehicle, and officer issued a citation for failure to yield for left turn.
• Complainant stated someone hit her vehicle in a parking lot in the 1000 block of North Countyline Street. Officer helped file an accident report.
• Andrew W. Marshall, 42, 309 W. Lytle St., and Whittey L. Marshall, 38, 122 Nichols St., were arrested after a caller reported a physical fight on Nichols Street.
• Valerie H. Holt, 41, Panama Beach, Florida, was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence.
• James H. Johnston Jr., 22, 1224 Sandusky St., Apt. 10B, was arrested on an active warrant after reporting his landlord had taken his television.
• Armon C. Richardson Jr., 23, 305 Anderson Ave., was arrested during a traffic stop on North Countyline Street for contraband. A large sum of cash, an iPhone, and other contraband were confiscated.
• Officer issued a citation for a turn-signal violation and driving under suspension to the driver of a vehicle on East Lytle Street. The vehicle was parked, and subject called for a ride home.
• Officer issued a citation for open container during a traffic stop on North Countyline Street. Officer found a powdery substance on the floor behind the seat, and a sample was sent out for testing.
• Officer issued a citation for driving under suspension, failure to comply, and wrongful entrustment after observing a subject without a valid license driving on College Avenue. Subject pulled the vehicle over and fled from the officer after being told to stop. Reinhart’s Auto Body called to the scene.
• Officer issued a citation for a turn-signal violation on the corner of Perrysburg Road and Stearns Road.
• Caller reported theft of prescriptions from the 1200 block of Perrysburg Road. Caller stated she suspected she knew who stole the prescriptions and filed a report.
• Complainant reported her car had been broken into overnight while parked in the 100 block of Summit Street. She stated her bank card, child support card and $30 had been taken. Complainant canceled cards and requested to have a report on file.
• Caller reported a loose dog near West Lytle Street. Officer located the dog’s owner and told him of options.
• Caller reported a fight between subjects on West Tiffin Street. Officer stated male is upset over domestic issues and is leaving.
• Complainant at reservoir 5 reported his girlfriend’s mother was intoxicated and making threats to harm herself. Female fled on foot, unable to locate. Citations pending.
• Suspicious persons were reported tampering with door handles in the 100 block of East High Street. Officer contacted the key holder, who stated both subjects were contracted to hang up a sign.
• Caller reported a male acting suspiciously in the 800 block of Buckley Street.
• Following a call reporting a disturbance on East Fremont Street, officer told a woman not to return to the residence and escorted her to a U.S. 18 location.
• Caller from Anderson Avenue reported his neighbor deposited a couch near the railroad tracks. Officer was unable to make contact with subject.
• Complainant stated a suspicious male was seen looking into windows in the 200 block of Sycamore Street. Subject told the reporting officer his aunt lives at the residence and he was trying to contact her.
• Caller from West North Street asked for officer assistance with unruly children. Officer reported, resolved situation.
• Complainant from Francis Avenue stated she was receiving harassing phone calls from a male subject. Officer filed a report and told complainant of her options.
• Officer reported to North Poplar Street after receiving a call pertaining to a male who told a friend he was going to harm himself. Officer spoke with subject, who now had a friend staying with him and didn’t want to harm himself.
• Caller from North Main Street reported her grandson was causing problems by yelling at everyone in the house. Officer discovered subject is a guest of the father who lives at the residence. Six hours later, caller stated the subject was causing more problems. Officer stated subject left prior to his arrival, and he told the caller to contact him if subject returned.
• Caller reported a small dog curled up in a pile of leaves in an alley near North Countyline Street. Officer said the dog will be taken to the Humane Society in Findlay by a neighbor.
• Complainant reported a possible disturbance near Summit Street. Officer spoke with two juveniles and told them of options.
• Caller requested officer assistance on West Sixth Street due to her cousin’s sister harassing her. Officer assisted with filing a complaint.
• Complainant from North Union Street spoke with an officer regarding being stalked by his ex-girlfriend. Officer reported to subject’s residence and found nobody home.
• Caller from North Poplar Street requested officer assistance after receiving threatening messages. Officer told caller of options and will attempt to contact the suspect.
• Fostoria Police Department received a 911 call from a cellular phone with the signal originating from the 200 block of East North Street. Officer said it was a small child playing on the phone.
fire runs
• EMS was dispatched to the 100 block of Taft Boulevard at 1:29 p.m.
• EMS picked up an elderly man from the 200 block of West Jackson Street at 8:23 p.m. after a neighbor who hadn’t seen the man all day noticed he did not get his newspaper from the porch, which was unusual, and he was unable to contact the man himself.
• EMS responded to a call from the 400 block of West Jackson Street at 11:25 p.m. regarding a 61-year-old female who fell and has a leg injury.
Seneca County
• Complainant reported a vehicle in their yard on North County Road 5, claiming it had either slid there or was pushed. Officer said the property owner knows the vehicle owner and has no trouble with it parked there; was unable to contact the vehicle to owner to check about filing an accident report.
• Caller stated subjects have been using her driveway without her permission to access their property. Officer told subjects not to use the driveway anymore.
• Complainant on Liberty Street stated her landlord changed the locks to her apartment with her personal items still inside and someone was in the house. The complainant called back later and seemed belligerent about waiting for an officer. Officer said nobody could produce an eviction notice and the people in the house were moving their personal belongings.