Public Record

• Complainant reported a vehicle hit his vehicle at West Fremont and North Countyline streets.
• Latai Ja A. Tyson, 27, 1229 Perrysburg Rd., was arrested on a warrant.
• Larry D. Motot, 59, 10710 W. TR 41, was arrested on a warrant.
• A truck was cited for being off of state routes at North Countyline and West Jackson streets.
• Citation was issued following an accident at West Fremont and North Countyline streets.
• Two seatbelt citations were issued — to a driver and passenger — at East Tiffin and South Poplar streets.
• A seatbelt citation was issued on Midblock.
• A seatbelt and speeding citation were issued at South Poplar and East Tiffin streets.
• A stop sign citation was issued to a driver at Sandusky and East High streets.
• Driver was cited for a stop sign violation at Perry and West High streets.
• Complainant reported change taken from vehicles on Walnut Street.
• Complainant reported her wallet was stolen from her unlocked vehicle on East Fremont Street. Wallet was returned to complainant, everything but money was accounted for.
• A West High Street business employee requested an officer for a drive off of $10 in fuel.
• Caller reported paint was dumped all over the inside of a West Jackson Street location. Vandalism reportedly stems from a payment dispute.
• A Gormley Street subject was reported to be fine after a welfare check.
• Caller reported possible child abuse at an East High Street address. Officer reported nothing was wrong on arrival but children services will be notified.
• Sandusky County requested an officer go to a Plaza Drive location and look for a vehicle belonging to a missing subject from their location. Officer was unable to locate vehicle.
• Complainant reported contents of an unlocked vehicle on North Main Street were rummaged through, but nothing was reported stolen.
• Caller reported a male yelling on West High Street. Subject admitted to yelling but advised there was no problem.
• Complainant reported she lost her purse at a North Countyline Street location.
• A North Poplar Street caller reported a subject used her food stamp card “outside of what she expected.”
• Caller reported a male approaching vehicles at South Poplar and East Crocker streets. Officer spoke with a subject matching description provided by the caller and found no contraband.
• Caller reported her son was threatened by a male at West Jackson and North Countyline streets.
• An abandoned vehicle was reported on West Center Street. Vehicle was towed from location.
• Dogs barking at “all hours of the day” were reported on West Fremont Street.
• An East Fourth Street caller requested assistance getting children back from their father. Father advised Department of Job and Family Services placed children in his care pending investigation of child abuse by mother’s current husband. Children were eating, watching television and appeared to be in good spirits.
• A welfare check was conducted on Linwood Avenue. Subjects were OK.
• A West Tiffin Street caller reported his father made threats to physically harm him. Report was filed.
• A burglary was reported on Arthur Avenue.
fire runs
• Wood County Sheriff’s Office transfered an emergency call requesting EMS to respond to the 100 block of West Jones Road at 1:36 p.m. for a subject with abdominal pain.
• Squad was sent to the 300 block of Cleveland Street at 3:20 p.m. for a female having difficulty breathing.
Seneca County
• Caller reported his family tombstone was shot at West County Road 592 and North Ohio 635.
• Caller requested to speak with a deputy regarding a piece of mail she received over a year ago.