Public Record

• A parking citation was issued after a caller reported a vehicle was left parked at a South Main Street location; vehicle was more than twelve inches from the curb.
• Officer performed a traffic stop after observing a TV antenna was extended and did not want it to get sheared off.
• A few smartphones and a tablet were take from the Seneca County Juvenile Probation Department.
• Probation department reported a subject had assaulted his father; victim and wife were asked to come to station to file a complaint. Neither has contacted the PD but complaint is on file.
• Officer transported a subject back to jail.
• Employee at Countyline Street business advised of a white van parked in the parking belonging to subject who lives across the street. He was told last week he couldn’t park it
there; officer spoke with owner’s son and vehicle was moved. Car will be towed without any notice if further incident occurs.
• Female requested an officer after a male left her apartment threatening to harm himself and others. Officers were unable to locate however they advised they would continue to be on the look out; caller advised of options.
• A woman asked to speak with an officer regarding a previous complaint; officer spoke with her and advised her of options.
• Male requested an officer to retrieve his medications after a female took them; officer returned them after recovering medications and a cell phone belonging to the subject.
• Officers separated a couple after the male sustained a nminor injury when kitchen items fell during an argument; both parties were intoxicated. Female was transported to friends.
• Caller advised of a complaint involving a juvenile several years ago.
• A father refused to give child back to their mother in a custody dispute.
• Officers responded to a call during a verbal drunken argument. Female had injuries to her face but reported she fell; EMS treated her.
• Complainant from water office advised of an intoxicated male; subject was taken to a hospital for treatment.
• Caller reported a trespassing subject on scene; subject was not located.
Seneca County
• A vehicle went into a ditch filled with water and occupants were unable to get out; Ohio State Patrol responded to the scene.