Prosecutor pokes at Pistorius’ account

PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — The prosecutor cross-examining Oscar Pistorius at his murder trial Friday tried to shred his version of events on the night he shot and killed his girlfriend, saying they do not add up and go completely against how people would react in the situation the double-amputee Olympian has described.
Instead, chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel said the “only reasonable explanation” for what happened in the pre-dawn hours of Feb. 14 last year was that Pistorius fatally shot Steenkamp multiple times through a bathroom door from around three meters away as they argued.
“She was standing behind the toilet door talking to you when you shot her,” Nel put to Pistorius right at the end of the first week of the athlete’s testimony.
“That’s not true,” replied Pistorius, one of numerous denials he issued to accusations that he was a liar through three days of rigorous cross-examination by the dogged prosecutor.
Nel cited the trajectory of the three bullets that hit the model in the hip, arm and head and which showed she was standing behind the door and facing it, and not backing away as she would have been if she thought there was an intruder in the house, Nel said.
Steenkamp wasn’t scared of anyone “other than you” Nel said to the 27-year-old athlete charged with premeditated murder.
Pistorius claims he shot Steenkamp, 29, by mistake, thinking she was an intruder about to come out of the bathroom and attack him.
Pistorius, once the hero of disabled sport and a multiple Paralympic champion, faces going to prison for 25 years to life if convicted on the premeditated murder charge.
Nel also scrutinized the positioning of items in the bedroom.
They also indicated that Pistorius’ story was a fabrication, he argued. Nel said a duvet strewn on the floor in the bedroom in police photos shows the pair was awake and arguing just before the shooting and not in bed as Pistorius has claimed.
Pistorius says it was one of many items moved by police after the shooting.



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