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• Subject arrested following a traffic stop on Findlay Street. According to a media report, subject fled when being pulled over. Officer advised coming into contact with a white powder substance during the traffic stop.



• Citation issued for child support suspension following a traffic stop at Midblock and Lytle Street.

• Citation issued for expired plates following a traffic stop on Perrysburg Road.

• A Citation was issued following a traffic stop on North Countyline Street. Reinhart’s contacted for impound of vehicle. Plates confiscated.

• Verbal warning issued for traffic following a stop on West Jones Road and North Main Street.

• Citations issued for numerous traffic violations and drug charges following a traffic stop on Findlay Street. Vehicle towed.


• Citation for theft was issued after a male reportedly left a High Street store with a cart of groceries. Upon follow-up, male admitted to theft.



• A West Columbus Avenue complainant came on station and reported a Zero Turn Torro lawn mower was stolen from his yard. The red and black 42-inch cut mower was for sale and was chained up. Chain was cut. Report on file. Statement collected.



• A Cherry Street caller reported her garage was broken into and a full can of gas was taken. Did not request to speak to an officer; requested report on file.

•A Lynn Street caller reported her garage was broken into; garage window busted, cars gone through, nothing taken. Report on file.

• A Lynn Street caller reported his two sheds were broken into. Also stated neighbor’s garage window is broke and there is a chair under the window. Officer advised two garages and two sheds were broken into; entry was gained but nothing taken. Report on file. Request extra patrol.

• A North Countyline Street caller reported a blue/gray Chevy Equinox in parking lot that has two small children inside and they are unattended. Adult has been inside store approximately 10 minutes. Vehicle gone upon officer’s arrival.

• Complainant came on station requesting to speak to an officer regarding threats he is receiving through Facebook. Officer advised it was a scam and to make a report to Facebook and also to block person. Report on file.

• Fostoria EMS reported transporting to the ER a female who said she was assaulted by her husband, but did not want to file a report. Female said she did not want him back at the residence. Officer left message with husband advising him of her wishes.

• Officer completed a residency verification for zoning on McDougal Street.

• An East Fremont Street complainant came on station requesting to speak to an officer regarding trespassing involving the zoning inspector. Complainant advised it was on a rotational mowing schedule and to contact the zoning inspector to take off mowing schedule.

• A 9-1-1 caller said she was dialing a private number, did not know why it dialed 911. Report on file.

• Officer checked on impounded dog; dog okay.

• Caller reported a red Chevy with Kentucky plates has not moved in 2½weeks. Officer checked Thomas Street, no vehicle with Kentucky plates. Unfounded

• Officer transporting one male and conducting a stand by on Hale Drive. Male decided he is going to take a shower.

• Fostoria dispatch received a 9-1-1 hang up call; unable to call back the callback number; not a good address.

• Officer responded to a noise complaint and a parking violation at James Marie Court. Unable to locate.


• Officer attempting to make contact with subjects at Jackson Park. All juveniles warned for curfew.

• A Hale Drive caller reported being assaulted. Male left residence; female was left a statement. Male returned and would not leave. One in custody.

• A South Countyline Street caller requested an officer for a suspicious phone call. Caller advised of options.

• Berkshire Drive caller requested a welfare check on his neighbor. Officer made contact, everything is okay.

• A Perrysburg Road caller stated the moon roof was open on a red vehicle on the west side of the lot. Unable to locate.

• A 9-1-1 open line from Lynn Street; people arguing in background; advised of options.

• Officer responded to a loud music complaint on North Poplar Street. Unable to location.

• Caller reported suspicious males in the area of East Crocker and South Main streets. Unable to locate.

• Officer responded to a report of suspicious subjects in the area of East Jackson and Buckley streets.

• Caller reported loud music coming from the 500 block of Columbus Avenue.

• 9-1-1 call from East Crocker Street; accidental.

• An Oaklawn Avenue caller reported a loose dog in the area. Dog impounded.

• A College Avenue caller reported a loose dog; dog returned to owner.

• A Countyline Street caller reported a loose dog; dog returned to owner.

Seneca County



• Complainant reported chickens on West Township Road 118 keep coming onto condo property, destroying the flowers.

• A Hughes Street caller reported someone went through his unlocked car over the weekend, nothing taken; does not want to speak with a deputy, report for record only.

• A 9-1-1 call came from a motorist driving through Bettsville. Accidental call, no problems.

• A North Township Road 21 caller reported a semi broken into; an older version PS4 and some games missing.

• A South Township Road 59 caller reported the motor was stolen off his boat on West U.S. 224.



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