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• Keith Marker, 26, Fostoria, was arrested after fleeing on foot from officer; transferred to Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.

• Durwin Perkins 47, Fostoria, was arrested after a caller reported a male threw a bottle at a building in the East Crocker/South Main streets area.



• Verbal warning issued for traffic control device following a traffic stop on North Countyline Street.

• A citation was issued for parking on the treelawn in the 300 block of North Union Street.


• Citation issued for a stop sign violation and fictitious plates following a traffic stop at Midblock; officer followed driver to a Fourth Street residence in lieu of towing the vehicle; plates removed and will be sent back to the state.

• Verbal warning issued for length of travel and illegal left turn from Sandusky Street onto Main Street.

• Verbal warning issued for turn signal violation following a traffic stop at West High and North Union streets.

• Citation issued for assured clear distance ahead following an accident at South Poplar and East Lytle streets.

• Verbal warning for traffic issued following a traffic stop on Columbus Avenue.


• Citation issued for traffic following a traffic stop at Sandusky and East High streets.

• Verbal warning issued fro traffic following a stop at U.S. 23 and Bradner Street.

• A citation was issued following a two-vehicle accident at Findlay and West Lytle streets.



• A High Street caller requested an officer for a break in of their garage and items missing. Under investigation.

• A South Union Street caller reported their vehicle was broken into and items were possibly missing.



• An East Sixth Street complainant reported damage to their vehicle.



• Perry Street caller reported a syringe in front of her house on the sidewalk. Item obtained for disposal.

• A Linwood Avenue caller reported her 9-year-old brother is assaulting their grandmother. Domestic report filed.

• Officer out with subject setting off fireworks in the 700 block of South Poplar Street. Male denied setting off fireworks; given a warning and advised that if officer sees him do it again, he will be arrested.

• Officer out with two people at Zellner Road and Independence Avenue. Both parties were advised of the hours of parks after dark. Mother arrived to take vehicle home.

• A 9-1-1 call from a government issued phone on Walnut Street. On call back a small child answered and then hung up. Granddaughter playing with phone; everything is okay.


• A North Main Street caller reported fireworks; worried that it may start a fire due to being so warm and dry outside. Officer unable to locate any signs of fireworks.

• A grandmother calling from Florida requested a welfare check as she is concerned for the welfare of her granddaughter who is suicidal. Juvenile and father were not at the residence upon officer arrival; a resident at the address stated the juvenile took the dog for a walk and does have an appointment with Firelands; family is aware of the situation.

• Officer out in the 100 block of Sandusky Street for an open burn. Subjects told to put fire out; fire department spoke to homeowner.

• Caller reported his ex is refusing to allow him his children. Children’s mother was not at North Main Street residence with children at designated pickup time, refused to bring the children to the location stating she was at her mother’s house. Officer advised complainant of his options.

• A North Main Street caller reported a female arrived at the residence and reported an altercation with a male. Parties separated; advised of options.

• Wood County Sheriff’s Office advised an unknown party in the West North/North Union streets area called 9-1-1 and a male was heard in the background saying “don’t call the police” before call was terminated. Subject was calling about a lost dog and hung up after husband told her not to call 9-1-1 about it. No problems, couple located their dog.

• A South Main Street caller reported a patron was refusing to leave the establishment after requested. Officer advised subject got mad because business had a debit card minimum of $10. Subject was told to leave and not to return or he can be arrested for trespassing.

• A Cherry Street caller requested a welfare check on neighbor. Parties separated following a verbal argument; advised of their options.

• A subject came on station to turn in a found item. Attempt made at finding owner; police department information left at owner’s residence.

• Medical alert company reported an alarm from a Seneca Avenue location. Officer unable to make contact with the owner of the device. Accidental alarm, no problem, device owner was outside with the dog.

• Caller reported a mother and daughter arguing at a Northview Drive location. Officer spoke to the parents in regards to the juvenile and advised of options.

• Caller requested a welfare check on a female at a West Culbertson Street location; advised receiving phone calls and female sounds confused. Officer spoke to subject, she was not sure when she is supposed to set her trash out for pickup. Will try to make contact with trash company to get date for pickup.

• Officer was out at a North Countyline Street location for paper service. No contact made.

• Officer was out at a College Avenue location for paper service. No contact made.

• A Vickie Lane caller reported a male threw a can in their yard. Can was returned to owner and he was given warning for littering.

• A Columbus Avenue caller requested an officer for an unspecified issue. Caller advised of options.

• Complainant reported she is being followed and harassed by a male. She also stated the male is sending her threatening text messages. Officer stopped male’s vehicle at North Countyline and Thomas Street; male fled on foot. K9 unit on scene. Male and another subject was viewed entering a residence; male taken into custody. Reinhart’s called for a tow.

• A 9-1-1 hang up call was received from a Peeler Drive residence. Officer made contact and complainant stated an unknown subject kicked in her back door. Door was secured as best as possible; advised to contact maintenance as soon as possible. Extra patrol requested.

• A 9-1-1 caller reported suspicious male in the 500 block of West North Street knocking on doors; Officer transported subject to a residence; resident has taken responsibility for the male.

• A 9-1-1 caller reported a black male kneeling yelling “help me” on West Tiffin Street. Male transported and left with family.

• A 9-1-1 hang up call had no answer on callback. Called the call back number again and could hear a female yelling “get off of me, get off of me.” Officer was able spoke to the female who placed the 9-1-1 call and she stated her brother put his hands on her. Officer advised this was an argument between brother and sister; mother will handle the situation.


• Security company reported a burglar alarm triggered at a Sandusky Street location. Keyholder not able to respond due to being hospitalized. Building secure; nothing out of the ordinary.

• A North Countyline Street caller requested an officer for an issue with a neighbor who keeps having open fires near her house. Father arrived while officer was on scene; advised his son was having a fire in

back; advised to put it out and complied.

• Blanchard Valley hospital requested an officer attempt to make contact with a female for one of their ER patients; Officer spoke to the husband, contact will be made.

• Caller reported receiving harassing texts. Attempted to make contact with other half of complaint; subject wouldn’t answer the door; phone number on complainant’s phone does not match suspect’s number; complainant advised of options.

• Juveniles flagged down officer at South Poplar and East South streets and reported paraphernalia in area. Item collected to be destroyed.

• Caller reported juveniles knocking on their door in the Circle Drive/Oaklawn Avenue area. Officer unable to locate.

• Officer was out with two juveniles at North Poplar and Sandusky streets.

• Officer was out at a Fall Street location to provide a statement form.

• A juvenile came on station to speak to an officer; officer spoke to parent; advised of options.

• A West Lytle Street caller reported their vehicle was broken into. Nothing was taken; report on file.

• Officer was out with a dog on a roof on East North Street. Homeowner arrived home and secured dog.

• Officer was out with a female wanted on a warrant. Officer advised female is going to attempt to post bond.

fire runs


• EMS treated a subject for being overheated in the 500 block of East Lytle Street.

Seneca County



• Deputy responded to a two-vehicle, non-injury accident at West Ohio 12 and North Ohio 635.



• Marcus Feasel, 22, Tiffin, was arrested on a warrant during a traffic stop in the 300 block of Emma Street in Bettsville. Transported to Seneca County Jail.



• Verbal warning was issued for traffic following a stop at West County Road 592 and North Ohio 635.

• Verbal warning issued for plate light following a traffic stop at West Ohio 18 and North Township Road 101. Deputy advised owner would not consent to a search.

• Citation issued for headlights required following a traffic stop in the 300 block of Emma Street in Bettsville.


• Verbal warning for a stop sign violation was issued on Sullivan Street in Bettsville.



• A West County Road 26 caller reported someone broke into her garage and stole her purse out of her vehicle.



• Male suspect was reportedly seen by a window in the 1100 block of North Township Road 21 after several vehicles had been entered. Fostoria police advised a single male left on foot northbound wearing a dark jacket and white hoodie underneath. Suspect entered two vehicles at the complainant’s residence and one across the road. Unable to locate.


• Deputy responded to a report of a suspicious person on State Street in Bettsville. Deputy advised a vehicle is parked in the back, the hood is warm, and the vehicle is secure.


• A neighbor reported a loud argument going on at a Monroe Street residence in Bettsville. Both parties warned for disorderly conduct. Female left for the night.

• A suspicious vehicle was reported on Sullivan Street in Bettsville. Deputy unable to locate.

• A motorist reported a Hispanic male in a white Ford Explorer was following them on their bumper. Caller reported the male had just passed them and waved at them as he did so. Deputy unable to locate.



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