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• Complainant reported she hit a pot hole at West Lytle and South Union streets that was so big it popped her tire and bent the rim at 6:03 a.m.



• A subject was arrested after a caller reported seeing a subject break into a residence near North Vine and Van Buren streets.



• Officer issued a citation for a stop sign violation following a report of a two-vehicle non-injury crash at South Main and East Center streets at 3:09 p.m.



• Complainant reported someone broke into her vehicle while on Elm Court and stole money, a couple of bottles of wine and left over food.

• Complainant requested an officer for theft from a vehicle on South Union Street.



• Complainant requested an officer look at suspicious damage to the side of his Leonard Court residence. Officer noted it appeared an unknown object struck the siding and made a hole; unknown what may have caused the damage.


• Complainant reported his tires were slashed on North Union Street.



• Ohio State Highway Patrol advised of a truck coming into town near Findlay Street and Independence Avenue struggling to maintain its lane. Officer was unable to locate.

• Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding a backpack he found in his Grape Street yard. Officer noted a vehicle had been rummaged through and miscellaneous items were taken and recovered.

• Complainant reported witnessing a male subject strike a female subject who was pushing a stroller at Springville Avenue and U.S. 23. Officer was unable to locate.

• Caller requested an officer contact his ex-girlfriend and tell her to return the keys to his vehicle. Officer delivered the message to the female who stated she had the vehicle for several months.

• Officer was out with a vehicle on West Tiffin Street that had its tires marked four days prior and had not moved since; vehicle was towed.

• Officer was out on a parking complained on West Jackson Street; vehicle would be moved within the hour or it would be towed.

• A Columbus Avenue nursing home resident called 9-1-1 requesting assistance placing a catheter. Dispatch called employees to see if EMS was needed; they declined and said nurses would help the patient.

• Wood County Sheriff’s Office transferred a call regarding a break in on Stinchcomb Drive. Charges are pending.


• Caller reported an argument between three males and a female subject near Independence Avenue and Herbert Court; subjects took off in a vehicle. Officer spoke to subjects who noted it was a possible road rage incident; unable to locate the other vehicle involved.

• A South Main Street caller requested an officer in reference to three juveniles. Officer made contact with the children who were fine out walking a dog.

• An East High Street caller requested an officer for an abandoned vehicle in her driveway. Vehicle was out of gas and pulled out of the roadway to prevent a hazard; would be removed shortly.

• Officer assisted in a vehicle unlock on South Union Street.

• Complainant advised of a male subject causing a disturbance on Stinchcomb Drive. Charges are pending.

• Caller complained of a loud lawn mower on East Sixth Street.

• Caller stated a vehicle was parking in a tree lawn on Buckley Street. Officer advised the owner to move it.

• Caller reported a tree branch was on a wire on Burnham Drive. Officer noted it wasn’t a hazard as it was a phone line.

• Officer was out on a follow up on Westhaven Drive.

• Subject came on station to speak with an officer.

• Subject came on station to speak with an officer about a vehicle on Sandusky Street.

• A Grape Street complainant requested an officer. Subject was advised of options and warned for disorderly conduct.

fire runs


• Squad was requested to the 2100 block of Sandusky Street for a male subject slumped over in a vehicle on the side of the roadway at 11:29 a.m. Subject was OK; just pulled over to take a nap.


• EMS was requested to the 500 block of West Lytle Street at 8:11 p.m. for a transport to the hospital.

Seneca County



• Deputy issued a verbal warning for speed following a traffic stop at West Ohio 18 and North County Road 5.



• A North Township Road 21 complainant reported a male subject did not return her vehicle. Upon callback, she advised her car and phone were returned but not her TV.



• Caller advised her son’s ex-girlfriend told him Sunday night she was going to kill herself; stated someone claiming to be the subject’s aunt contacted the son’s friend via text message claiming the girl did kill herself. Deputy reported the subject was OK and at work.

• Complainant reported two railroad crossings had been blocked for 90 minutes on County Road 29 and County Road 34. Deputy spoke with the train company who advised they would be moving in about 30 minutes after the new crew completes safety checks.



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