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• Caller requested an officer for a two-vehicle private property accident in the 100 block of West High Street.



• A juvenile was arrested and a citation issued for fireworks after an officer was flagged down at East North and North Main streets for a Dodge Charger shooting fireworks while driving.

• A male was arrested and transfered to Wood County n a warrant after officer saw the male in the 400 block of Town Street. Officers pursued subject on foot.



• Verbal warning issued for headlights required in a traffic stop in the 600 block of North Countyline Street.


• Verbal warning issued for rapid acceleration at a traffic stop at State and East Lytle streets.

• Warning issued for traffic and a turn signal violation at a traffic stop in the 300 block of Columbus Avenue.

• Caller reported a possible intoxicated driver in the 300 block of North Main Street. Citation issued.

• Citation issued for expired/no operator’s license at a traffic stop in the 800 block of North Countyline Street.

• Verbal warning issued for two headlight required at a traffic stop at West North and North Countyline streets.


• Verbal warning issued for stop sign violation during a traffic stop in the 700 block of Tiffin Street.

• Citation issued for driving under suspension and failure to reinstate during a traffic stop at West Fremont and North Wood streets.

• Verbal warning issued for an illegal left turn from Main Street onto Sandusky Street.



• Caller reported a possible water main break in the 200 block of West Lytle Street.

• Complainant reported she was thrown out of her boyfriend’s North Union Street residence and he still has her belongings. Officer transported female to her McDougal Street residence. Female does not reside at the boyfriend’s address and male would not come to the door. Female reported her purse with $200 was left at the home. Female advised of her options.

• An Oaklawn complainant reported someone is operating a chainsaw at the residence behind hers. Officer advised it was the electric company working.

• A wellness check was requested on a female at two locations. Roommate states unknown contact information or if female left with anyone. Subject located at an East Fremont Street location. Subject and mom were advised to arrange appropriate visits, etc. Female transported back to apartment and advised to exchange contact info with roommate.

• FCH advised of a male in a van in need of assistance. Officer transported male to FCH. Vehicle parked and secured in FCH parking lot.

• Caller requested officer for a vehicle unlock at South Poplar and Taft Boulevard. Assistance rendered.

• Caller in the 200 block of South Street reported a truck running in the alley beside their house. Male fell asleep, advised on complaint.

• A 911 call was received from the 300 block of East Lytle Street. Officer spoke with CSX workers, no emergencies.

• McDougal Street caller reported an 11-year-old unruly female. Advised of options.

• A High Street caller reported a male possibly at location. Officer advised it was not male in question.


• Caller in the 1000 block of South Wood Street reported loud music coming from a trailer. Officer advised they heard no loud music in the area.

• Caller advised a female has fallen but is standing back up at South Main and East Crocker streets. Caller hung up before any other information could be obtained. Officer unable to locate.

• Caller reported a male laying at the side of the road in the 200 block of West Lytle Street. Juvenile taken to parents; no further action taken by officer.

• Caller reported a neighbor’s dog barking in the 800 block of North Union Street. Officer unable to make contact with neighbor.

• Caller reported a loose dog in the middle of West Lytle Street in the 300 block. Description of the dog given by caller is small and white. Unable to locate.

• Caller in the 100 block of Taft Boulevard requested to speak to an officer concerning juveniles in the area.

• Officers responded to a request from Seneca County for mutual aid for a domestic in progress in the 11000 block of West Ohio 18.

• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office advised of a 911 hang up in the 500 block of South Poplar Street. Officer checked area; unable to locate; everything seems to be fine.

• Beier Srive resident called 911 and reported her neighbor walked into her house without her consent. Parties advised of options; warned for disorderly conduct.

• Vacant vehicle on Springville Avenue; registration will be confiscated. Plates have been confiscated; made contact with the registered owner.

• Caller reported a large crowd of people who won’t leave from in front of a bar in the 300 block of South Main Street, requesting officer assistance. Officer advised subjects are dispersing; everything seems to be calm now. All vehicles have left or are currently leaving.

• Caller in the 800 block of South Union Street reported someone is throwing and setting off fireworks in their yard. Officer confiscated a roll of fireworks; possible suspect; officer will keep an eye out in the area.

• Caller in the 200 block of East South Street reported a vehicle has been running “for several hours” in the alley beside his house. Officer advised subject was asleep in truck; lost track of time.

• A 911 caller reported a male and female arguing outside in the 700 block of South Main Street. Officer advised two subjects engaged in an altercation with another male at the residence; male has the left the residence; parties advised to call police if he returns.

• Caller in the 900 block of Maple Street reported finding shell casings in front of their home.

• Caller in the 200 block of East High Street reported two bikes abandoned in his back yard. Bikes impounded.

• Caller reported they needed medical attention.

• Caller in the 500 block of Hale Drive reported her boyfriend is beating on the door of her home. Male left the house.


• Alarm company advised a burglar alarm triggered at a patio door in the 700 block of West Fremont Street. Officer spoke with family members, everything is OK.

• Caller reported a juvenile riding a dirt bike in the area of West North and North Union streets. Officer spoke with subject, adult advised on complaint; bike put away.

• Caller reported a water main break in the McDougal Street area. Street department notified.

• Caller requested a welfare check on a juvenile in the 1000 block of South Main Street. Officer advised no one was at the location; will attempt contact later.

• Caller requested officer assistance for a vehicle unlock in the 500 block of Stearns Road. Assistance rendered.

• Caller reported an accident outside city limits. Hancock County Sheriff’s Department notified and will contact Ohio Highway Patrol. Vehicle moved out of roadway.

• A West Lytle Street caller reported a bike left in the 100 block. Bike impounded.

• Caller reported people at a Lynn Street location that caller believed should be vacant. Officer advised subject who resides at location had just been released from jail and was collecting belongings.

• Alarm company advised a burglar alarm triggered at the main door of a warehouse in the 1600 block of North Main Street. Officer advised door open; building secured and keyholder contacted.

• Subject came on station to report a Woodward Avenue juvenile was not listening and disobeying. Report on file.

• Caller requested extra patrol in the 100 block of Taft Boulevard for a large group of males being loud. Subjects dispersed upon officers’ arrival.

• A 911 caller in the 100 block of East Fremont Street requested an officer for a domestic dispute with her brother. Officer advised juvenile females got into a physical altercation and the male broke up the fight; females didn’t like that. Mother will be home soon to deal with the situation. Mother returned home from work and took away the phone belonging to the female juvenile. Juvenile began throwing things and became unruly. Officer advised during juvenile’s outburst, the female kicked the door and damaged it. Mother advised of her options.

• Caller reported a loose dog in the 600 block of North Main Street; breed and direction of dog unknown. Officer made contact with owner of dog and advised them to do a better job of containing the animal.

• Officer performed a building check on H.L. Ford Drive; all OK.

• Caller reported possible drug activity in the 600 block of Cherry Street. Officer unable to locate but will be on the look out.

Seneca County



• Two-vehicle non injury accident was reported in the 700 block of North Nickie Lane.


• Deputy responded to a report of a red car in a ditch in the 5000 block of West Oho 18. Deputy advised vehicle left scene and was eastbound on Ohio 18 towards Tiffin with four-ways on. Deputy unable to locate, did not see any damage.



• Duncan Haughawout, 59, Fostoria, arrested on warrant out of Fostoria.



• Verbal warning was issued for a stop sign violation at Michael and Union streets in Bettsville.

• Verbal warning issued for driving left of center at a traffic stop at North Ohio 635 and West County Road 592.

• Verbal warning for traffic issued during a stop at West Ohio 18 and Township Road 101.

• Citation issued for speed during a traffic stop at West Ohio 18 and Township Road 109.



• Per Fostoria Police Division, two 911 open lines received from the 800 block of Cheryl Drive; can hear subject talking in the background, no answer on callback. Deputy advised the call was accidental.

• Deputy was out with swimmers in H.P. Eells Park.

• Deputy was out with a truck parked in the back of H.P. Eells Park.

• Complainant in the 4000 block of County Road 36 reported seeing someone standing behind their barn and heard gun shots coming from the woods. Deputy advised they did not see anything.

• Caller reported a vehicle driving by a house slowly at West County Road 28 and North County Road 5. Deputy advised they saw no traffic in the area.

• A 911 caller from the 11000 block of West Ohio 18 reported her husband assaulted her. Both parties warned for disorderly conduct.

• Deputy out with a possibly disabled vehicle at U.S. 224 and U.S. 23.


• Fostoria advised physical domestic in the 1000 block of Buckley Street.

Deputy responded; one in custody, no further details provided.

• Fostoria advised receiving call of lots of screaming and hitting of walls, coming from an Axline Street location. Deputy spoke with both occupants and advised everything is OK.

• Subject stopped at Bettsville Police Department and reported there was a problem with a vehicle and title possibly, requested to speak to a deputy. Car will be left at the residence, civil issue.



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