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• Complainant stated her vehicle was backed into at a location on Perrysburg Road sometime on Monday. Report to be completed.



• Malinda Mae Maxwell was arrested and turned over to Wood County after an agency requested an officer to escort them to a West South Street location for paper service.



• Officer gave a verbal warning for a traffic violation following a traffic stop on West North Street.


• Officer issued a verbal warning following a traffic stop on West Center Street.

• A citation was issued on Buckley Street after a car was impounded.

• Officer gave a verbal warning for an equipment violation at the intersection of East South and South Main streets.

• Citation was issued for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle at the intersection of Park Avenue and North Countyline. Driver became belligerent.



• Caller advised her lawn mower was stolen from her yard on East North Street and requested an officer. A black, green and yellow push mower was taken from the rear of the house. Unknown suspect may have used a dark colored pickup truck. A juvenile in the home saw the mower in the back of truck matching the description. The mower has a yellow and blue rope and a piece of oxygen cord around the handle. Officer checked the scrap yard and advised the vehicle was not there.



• Caller requested an officer to walk around a Seneca Street property to check out broken windows. Officer verified damage to two screen windows and broken glass on the storm door.



• Subject advised of a vehicle blocking the intersection of South Main and East South streets. Truck was then legally parked.

• Man requested an officer to go to his residence to check on his wife and daughter because he was at work. He advised his daughter called him stating his wife had threatened to hurt her. Incident was a verbal altercation; officer advised parties of options.

• City street department requested an officer to speak with a subject at a Summit Street location who was putting brush in the boulevard. Officer was unable to make contact with anyone at the residence and left a note attached to the mailbox telling them to cease and desist and remove the brush.

• Caller advised of a parking complaint on Westhaven Drive and requested an officer. The vehicle was towed.

• Citizen requested assistance in removing a cat from her garage on Vickie Lane; officer was unable to locate feline.

• A dog was reported at large on West North Street. Officer spoke to the owner and advised them of the complainant. The owner took the dog inside and stated the kids accidentally let the canine out.

• White pit bull was reported in the North Union Street area as well. Officer was unable to locate.

• Caller advised a possible impaired driver on North Main Street; unfounded.

• Officer performed a building check on Independence Avenue.


• Complainant came on station requesting an officer in regards to a juvenile at a South Main Street location.

• Officer delivered dog to owner on Arthur Avenue.

• Caller requested an officer for a loose dog on Walnut Street; dog was returned to owner.

• Officer performed a building check on Union Street.

• Caller advised there was an alarm going off in the Sandusky Street area. Everything was secure; false alarm.

• Alarm company advised of an issue with the right rear door of a Perry Street location. The door was found open; however, no problems were detected. Security company was notified.

• A disabled semi was reported at the intersection of North Countyline and West North streets. Semi was lost and got back on route.

• Caller requested an officer for a trailer parked in the roadway on Maple Street; parking warning given.

• West Fremont Street caller requested an officer for a stand by; no answer at the door.

• Walnut Street caller requested an officer for a noise complaint for four small dogs. Officer spoke with someone at the residence who had numerous dogs. Neighbor reports long periods of the dogs outside parking; however, resident denied the dogs barked. Owner was advised of the city ordinance and given a warning.

• Subject requested an officer make a welfare check on a female on East North Street. Male was transporting female to the hospital for evaluation. Officer followed along to hospital.



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