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• Subject came on station to report a hit skip on May 5 in a Plaza Drive parking lot; private property report taken.



• Chad Nicholas Welly was arrested after a caller reported the subject returned and was starting problems at a Lewis Street address. citations


• Citation was issued following a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of East High and North Main streets at 9:34 a.m.


• Officer issued a verbal warning for a plate violation during a traffic stop on East Lytle Street.

• Officer gave a verbal warning for trespassing at the Fostoria Townhouses following a traffic stop at the intersection of Springville Avenue and U.S. 23 cut-off.

• Verbal warning was given for a prohibited left turn during a traffic stop on McDougal Street.

• Officer issued a verbal warning for an expired tag during a traffic stop at the intersection of Springville Avenue and North Corporate Drive.



• North Town Street complainant reported his vehicle was stolen; investigation pending for the stolen motor vehicle.



• 911 call came in from a local nursing home. There was no one talking nor were there sounds of distress in the background. Dispatch called facility back and spoke with an employee who advised there was no emergency.

• Complainant reported her neighbor was digging up her property on South Poplar Street and requested an officer to tell them to stop. Officer spoke to all parties. Complainant was upset that the neighbors were on the property; however, neighbors were just there moving and officer advised that was fine.

• Street department advised of a malfunction with a gate near the intersection of South Union Street and Norfolk and Southern. The gate arm was down upon arrival. It appeared a train ran over the gate arm. Norfolk and Southern notified of the issue.

• A South Main Street employee brought down a subject on committal to Wood County.

• Complainant requested to speak with an officer regarding her unruly 14-year-old and 15-year-old sons. She advised they were physically fighting and she was assaulted while trying to break them up. Charges to be filed for disorderly conduct.

• Summit Street caller reported her mother pushed, shoved and started a fight with her neighbor. Neighbor also called and reported she was pushed. Bailiff was on location doing an eviction. Bailiff asked the daughter to leave. All parties were given warning by the officer.

• Citizen reported a disturbance outside her Perry Street apartment. She advised people were yelling. Resident gave officer permission to look around. A subject was taken into custody on a warrant from Seneca County.

• Caller reported she believes a truck that was reported stolen the day before is in front of a house a few doors down on West Center Street. Officer has keys to vehicle.

• 911 call came from business on Findlay Street. There was static on the line. Officer checked on location and advised everything was fine; possible malfunctioning phone line.

• Officer performed a check on art work on East Tiffin and South Main streets; all fine.

• Officer performed building checks on Perry, North Main, High, North Countyline, Sandusky, East Tiffin, North Union and North Town streets, Springville Avenue and East Zeller, East Jones and Perrysburg roads.

• South Main Street subject reported her daughter has stolen money out of her checking account; incident under investigation and statement taken.

• Complainant reported there were three subjects hiding in bushes and yelling her name on Peeler Drive. She believed it was her ex-boyfriend stalking and harassing her. Officer advised no one was present in the area reported. Officer advised female to invest in video surveillance to help prove her case.

• A 12-year-old was reportedly standing in Sandusky Street and throwing a Nerf gun up in the air before letting it slam onto the ground. It was waking the neighbors. Caller advised it looked like parents were trying to get the child inside. Officer was unable to locate.


• Security at the hospital was with patient who was concerned about his children and wanted a welfare check on them. Officer requested to check on them. Children were okay and sleeping at the time.

• Caller requested a stand-by while she tried to retrieve her vehicle. Caller got her vehicle back. Male was advised about his suspension and not to drive.

• A suspicious male was reported near South Union and West Fourth streets. Subject was dropped off at his residence and warned for trespassing on railroad property while attempting to cross tracks.

• Third party caller stated there was a disturbance at an East Fremont Street residence between her niece and boyfriend. Mother of the alleged victim advised to have her make the report when she returns to the city.

• Citizen reported hearing loud banging sounds, like possible gun shots, in the Northview Drive area. Officer sat in the area and did not hear any noise.

• Caller reported a male fell off a bridge and into the creek. EMS checked out male who signed a waiver refusing further medical treatment.

• Female reported her significant other placed his hands on her and requested an officer to a Lewis Street location. Subject was arrested and refused medical treatment.

• Officer assisted in a vehicle unlock on West Center Street.

• An automated alarm went off at a North U.S. 23 location; false alarm.

Seneca County



• Caller requested a deputy because his son was tearing up his residence on North Township Road 59. Caller called back and advised he had calmed him down. Son was gone upon arrival of deputies. Father advised he was not violent towards him and that his son had just been discharged from the service and has PTSD. Further, he advised his son was on medication but was not suicidal.



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