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• An adult was taken into custody after a caller advised a male assaulted her and her mother. The male was intoxicated and attempted to leave in a black Cadillac. Subject was gone when officers arrived and complainant will come to station to fill out a statement.



• Officer issued a verbal warning to a truck for being off a state route at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and East Crocker Street.



• Caller advised they are planting grass on his lot but his neighbor continues to drive through the property. Officer spoke to residents on both sides of the empty lot on South Main Street and warned them to stay off the freshly seeded grass or they would be charged with criminal damaging.

• Citizen advised of a black SUV parked half in the half and half in a parking spot on West North Street; driver was located and car was moved.

• A 911 hang up call came from an East Tiffin Street residence; no answer at the door and everything appeared to be fine.

• Anonymous caller reported loud music coming from a Seneca Avenue home. Officers issued a verbal warning for loud music but advised music was not loud upon their arrival.


• Officer performed building checks on Perrysburg Road as well as Countyline, Walnut and Main streets.

• Woman asked to speak with an officer about two mason jars of liquid she found in her trash. It was not determined what the liquid was and she was told to keep it in her trash.

• Complainant requested to speak with an officer regarding a conversation he heard involving a neighbor. Officer spoke with complainant and advised them of options; information will be passed on.

• Officer observed suspended driver operating a vehicle at the intersection of South Poplar and East Tiffin streets; officer to serve citation at later date and time.

• Caller advised of a driver in a dark colored Kia Optima that was “all over the road” near North Countyline and West North streets. Officer checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

• Officer assisted in a vehicle unlock on North Vine Street; assistance rendered.

• Complainant advised another vehicle tried to swerve and hit him on North Countyline Street; unable to locate vehicle

• A subject was taken into custody on a local warrant during a traffic stop.

• Woman advised there was an unwanted female at her Center Street residence that she does not want there anymore. Officer spoke with homeowner who advised she did not call and did not have a working phone. She allowed officers into residence and no one was there by the name of the unwanted subject.

• Citizen came on station requesting to speak to an officer regarding a subject who was staying at her house. Subject left her cell phone and $200 at the residence. Host asked law enforcement to take the items to the subject at a motel because she did not want the female to accuse her of anything. Money and cell phone were dropped off.

• Caller advised her 8 year-old son was assaulted by a 14 year-old; parent advised of options.

• Caller advised there are three juveniles on top of the concession stand at the stadium. Officer spoke with juveniles and advised them to stay out of the stadium.

• Subject advised of two pit bulls running loose and stated they tried to attack two people walking down the street. In addition, they advised a woman grabbed the dogs and was walking them to a residence. Officer spoke with owner of dogs and witness but was unable to locate the couple that was walking their dog and was unable to determine what happened. Owner was warned to keep dogs inside the fence. Officer said the dogs did not appear to be aggressive toward him or the K-9 unit.

• Wood County Sheriff’s Office requested an officer attempt to make contact with a subject on South Wood Street. Missing juvenile from their county may be at the location with a male subject; there was no answer at the residence.

Seneca County



• Officer issued a verbal warning for a stop sign violation on State Street in Bettsville.

fire runs


• EMS responded to a call for a 24 year-old male who intentionally overdosed on prescription medication in the 100 block of Elm Street in Beltsville; subject was awake.



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