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• There was an accident in the 100-block of Palmer Street at 7:38 p.m.
• A verbal warning was issued after a traffic stop at North Main Street and West Jones Road.
• A warning was issued for speed on Columbus Avenue.
• A citation for speeding was also issued on Columbus Avenue. The driver was traveling 52 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.
• Officer issued a warning for a traffic violation on Van Buren Street.
• Officer issued another warning for a traffic violation at Van Buren Street and West Ridge Drive.
• A citation for a red light violation was issued on Perrysburg Road.
• Verbal warning was given for a a traffic violation on West South Street.
• A verbal warning was issued for a traffic violation at West Fremont and North Countyline streets.
• An officer issued a warning for two headlights required at Kennard and North Countyline streets.
• Multiple traffic violations earned a driver on Cherry and East Jackson streets a verbal warning.
• A citation for disorderly conduct was issued on Buckley Street after a caller reported a disturbance with a neighbor.
• Citations for speed and stop sign violations were issued at North Main and East Jackson streets.
• A verbal warning for speed was issued at East High and Spruce streets.
• An officer picked up an item from North Countyline Street.
• An officer checked on a vehicle parked in a yard for zoning; vehicle information was obtained for zoning.
• Caller advised his mother needed to go to the hospital for evaulation and she was being combative.
• Officer performed a home visit on Stoner Road.
• A safety resource officer investigated an incident with a juvenile.
• Officers performed buidling checks on Sandusky, Findlay, Lytle, North Main, Buckley, East North Street, South Countyline streets and East Zeller Road.
• A caller complained of domestic disturbance during which a male retrieved personal belongings, threatened the caller and then left residence. Complainant was afraid male would return and become violent; caller was advised of her options and provided a statement. Complaint is on file. Officer attempted to make contact with male subject but was hung up on.
• Officers performed building checks on North Vine, North Countyline, North Main streets, Perrysburg and East Jones roads and Park Avenue.
• Officers responded to a possible overdose on South Wood Street and relayed with the Wood County Sheriff’s Office; there was no overdose.
• A caller requested an officer for a suspected illegal substance. Officer advised complainant that the substance was baking soda rather than contraband and advised them to throw it away.
• Caller reported a branch in the roadway at West Fremont and North Wood streets; tree limb was removed from street.
• A truck was reportedly on the tracks at Findlay and South Vine streets; complainant unfounded.
• The Ohio State Patrol requested mutual adid on Springville Avenue and East Lytle Street; assistance rendered.
fire runs
• EMS responded to a call at 7:31 a.m. in the 300-block of West South Street after a 56 year-old overdosed on their spouse’s prescription medication and was unable to walk; patient was transported to the hospital.



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