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• Caller requested an officer for a private property accident in a parking lot in the 100 block of West High Street. Private property report taken.
• Officer was out with a vehicle, in the 1600 block of North Countyline Street, which may have been involved in a hit skip. Officer advised it appears to have hit some type of yellow pole. Moes Body Shop showed up to tow vehicle at owner’s request. Report was taken of accident on March 8.
• Caller reported he hit a mailbox Friday on Stinchcomb Drive. Damage to passenger side mirror, no damage to mailbox.
• Male arrested at Town Street and Stadium Avenue on a warrant out of Lake Township, Male relayed to Lake Township.
• Male arrested in the 300 block of South Main Street. No further details available.
• Verbal warning issued for speed in the 700 block of Columbus Avenue.
• A citation was issued at Taft Boulevard and South Poplar Street for failure to stay on a state route.
• A citation was for disorderly conduct after police received a 911 call from the 300 block of East Fremont Street reporting someone is trying to kick in his front door. Officers advised they were enroute to a station with a female.
• A verbal traffic warning was issued in the 1300 block of Sandusky Street.
• Citation issued at South Countyline and West Tiffin streets for a lane violation.
• Verbal warning issued for a red light violation at South Main and East Tiffin streets.
• Citation issued in the 100 block of Crocker Street for fictitious license plates.
• Verbal warning issued in the 600 block of West Lytle Street for improper display.
• Verbal warning issued at North Main and East North streets for window tint. Citation issued in the 600 block of South Poplar Street for expired plates.
• Citation issued for driving under suspension in at Lytle and South Countyline streets.
• Citation issued for speed in the 1800 block of Sandusky Street.

• Christopher Avenue caller requested and officer concerning property stolen from a room. Under investigation.
• Caller reported two juveniles near the railroad tracks on the overpass at Lytle Street and U.S. 23.
• Employee in the 1200 block of North Countyline Street requested an officer for an unspecified complaint. Under investigation.
• Caller in the 1000 block of Van Buren Street reported a skunk near the house. Wildlife management contacted.
• Fostoria Police Division received a 911 call but there was no answer on the line, no call back number and no address.
• Caller reported two suspicious males in the 400 block of South Poplar Street. Officers checked the area, unknown if anything was taken.
• Caller reported they could hear yelling, screaming and things being thrown around at a trailer along Perrysburg Road. Officer advised the complaint was unfounded, everyone was sleeping.
• Caller reported approximately seven juveniles about 10 to 11 years old playing in an East Fremont Street church parking lot at 1:25 a.m. Caller does not see any adults around. Officer advised juveniles fled upon arrival.
• Caller reported a white mini van headed southbound into town that is driving all over the road. Caller was unable to get a plate number. Officer advised contact was made with the driver at residence and there were no signs of impairment and no driving violations witnessed. Driver advised of complaint.
• Alarm company reported a burglar alarm activated at a Plaza Drive location. Officer advised a cleaning crew was working; no issues.
• Caller reported a low-hanging wire in the 1300 block of Buckley Street. Report unfounded.
• Caller reported a black pickup truck has been parked near their driveway since the evening before. There was no one in the truck and articles of clothes were outside of the truck. Officer advised vehicle is locked and miscellaneous clothing and beer cans are throughout as well as a bicycle in back of truck. Reinharts dispatched to impound vehicle for expired registration.
• Caller reported a woman walking in the 100 block of South Countyline Street with a small female child who was not wearing a coat walk into an establishment. Officer checked the store but the clerk did not know which direction they went when they left the store. Officer checked area; unable to locate.
• Caller requested assistance with a vehicle unlock in the 600 block of Sandusky Street. Assistance rendered.
• Neighbor reported a barking dog in the 1300 block of North Union Street. Responding officer did not hear any dogs barking.
• Caller reported there are traffic cones in the area and a group of youth scattered them throughout the street at Town And Columbus Avenue. Cones replaced.
• Male motorist reported he is being followed around town by a white Grand AM. Male was advised to come to the police station to speak with an officer for his safety. Officer spoke to the male who advised that the vehicle continued on when he pulled into the parking lot.
• Officer completed a building check at Sandusky and Buckley streets. Building appeared secure.
• Caller reported there is a small toddler in the parking lot of James Marie Court and no adults around. Officer advised he was enroute with the child and a female passenger. Wood County Children Services contacted and enroute to station. Officer made contact with parent; mother of child served with summons for child endangerment.
• Caller reported a noise complaint in the 200 block of Bannister Street. Officer advised a subject was asked to leave the residence due to a family member being intoxicated; planned to sleep in truck.
• Alarm company reported and activated alarm at a garage door in the1200 block of Madison Road. Officer advised it was a false alarm.
• Caller requested an officer in the 700 block of Cherry Street. Officer advised of a verbal argument and advised parties of their options.
• Caller requested an officer due to someone knocking on doors in the 400 block of West Lytle Street. Officer advised it appears to be children in the area knocking on the door and running away. Extra patrol requested.
• Caller in the 700 block of Portage Drive reported personal bank information was given out to a scam and requested a complaint be on file. Caller advised to contact their bank.
• Caller requested a complaint on file for a female continuing to harass him after she was blocked on his phone. Complaint on file.
• Caller reported a vehicle without plates in the 500 block of North Poplar Street. Officer’s card was left on the vehicle’s windshield advising it needed valid plates or it would be towed.
• Male requested a welfare check on his 3-year-old daughter who is at a 1500 block North Countline Street location. Police given wrong address; no children residing at location.
• Officer responded to a noise complaint at Eastern Avenue and Buckley Street.
• Caller advised of a vehicle driven my an elderly male was all over the roadway at Park Avenue and Countyline Street. Vehicle was parked upon officer’s arrival. No signs of alcohol or drug abuse/impairment. Male stated he was very tired and was heading to bed.
• Caller in the 400 block of East Fremont Street requested an officer after their mailbox was hit. Complaint on file, unknown vehicle at this time.
• Caller reported debris in the road at North Main Street and Sandusky Avenue. Debris gone upon officer’s arrival.
• Caller requested an officer to the 100 block of West High Street for a disturbance in the area. Officer advised incident was a verbal argument between friends.
• Fostoria Police Division received a 911 call but there was no answer on the line, no call back number and no address.
• Hancock County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance in the 400 block of West Lytle Street. Assistance rendered.
• Caller in the 1200 block of Sandusky Street requested to speak to an officer. Officer advised caller of options.
• Firelands requested a welfare check on a female in the 400 block of College Avenue. Female transported to Fostoria Community Hospital for evaluation.
• Caller reported a suspicious vehicle in an alley in the 400 block of South Poplar Street.
Seneca County
• Caller reported a two vehicle accident in the 200 block of South Countyline Street. Citation issued for assured clear distance ahead.
• Complainant reported they hit a dog in the 800 block of South Township Road 109 in Hopewell Township.
• An adult was arrest in the 6000 block of North County Road 31 following an anonymous call at 12:24 a.m. reporting an underage drinking party. The caller reported there were possibly 50 people involved per Snapchat pictures and posts. Deputy advised a number of cars in the driveway, and people scattering. Deputy advised there were 13 underage partiers.
• Verbal warning issued for two headlight required at night at State and Franklin streets in Bettsville.
• Verbal warning issued for speed in the 3900 block of West Ohio 12 in Liberty Township.
• Citation issued for speeding in the 9800 block of West County Road 592.
• Verbal warning issued for passing within 100 feet of an intersection at West Ohio 12 and North County Road 11 in Liberty Township.
• Fostoria Police Department advised they received a 911 hang-up call from the 700 block of North Township Road 47; FPD called back twice and a female answered and hung up. Accidental dial by a 14-year-old; everything is fine.
• Sheriff’s department received a 911 open line call from the 11000 block of West County Road 6. Upon call back, sheriff’s office advised a 4-year-old had the phone.
• Deputies responded to a report of a kitchen motion burglar alarm in the 100 block of Michael Street in Bettsville. Deputies advised all was secure at location.



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