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• A caller reported his girlfriend struck a sign in the 1600 block of North Countyline Street at 8:03 p.m.; vehicle was secured on scene and owner was to contact a wrecker service.
• A verbal warning was issued for a traffic violation on Van Buren Street.
• A warning was issued after a traffic stop on West South Street.
• Citations for two headlights required and not having an operator’s license were issued at Springville Avenue and the U.S. 23 cut-off.
• Thursday:
• Officer issued a verbal warning for lights required in inclement weather at West South Street and Mid-block.
• A citation was issued at Summit Street and North Union Street after a traffic stop.
• A citation for expired plates was issued at West Fremont and North Countyline streets.
• A warning for speed was issued at South Town Street and Bulger Avenue.
• Officer issued citations for failure to reinstate license and expired operator’s license at Elm and North Countyline streets.
• Caller reported his ex-wife was calling and harassing him. He requested an officer to contact her and ask her to stop; subject was advised to cease calling the complainant.
• A caller reported a car was broken down by the underpass at East Lytle Street and the U.S. 23 cut-off. The car had run out of gas and was refueling as an officer arrived.
• Subject reported a vehicle was parked in a handicap spot with no handicap plates or placard; driver did have a placard but forgot to put in on the mirror.
• A landlord requested assistance with a tenant behind on rent.
• An alarm company reported an alarm being triggered at a North Countyline Street location; doors and building appeared to be secure.
• A female was voluntarily evaluated and checked into the hospital after officers performed a welfare check on Walnut Street.
• Caller reported his stepfather pulled a knife on him and a friend.
• Mother reported her juvenile son is missing; juvenile entered into system as missing.
• Complainant reported his daughter was being threatened and requested a welfare check. Officers spoke with the resident and she advised they had a verbal argument. Both parties were asked to leave and they had complied prior to the officers’ arrival.
• Subject advised the resident of a South Poplar Street address pulled a gun of him; charges pending.
Seneca County
• Deputy performed a welfare check on State Street in Bettsville. A clerk advised a customer called after she was advised to wear shoes, which she has been often told to do.



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