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• Findlay Police Department reported of a red Ford with heavy damage involved in a hit-skip was possibly heading into Fostoria. Vehicle found in Findlay.
• Officer responded to a report of an accident at North Poplar and East South Street. At fault party did not wish to report minor damage.
• Caller reported her car was hit in a parking lot in the 500 black of Sandusky Street. Caller reported the other motorist, driving a black vehicle, left the scene. Private property crash report filed.
• Dispatch received a 911 hang up call; Dispatch attempted to call number back. Report on file.
• A non-injury accident was reported at West Fremont and North Union Street.

• Subject arrested on warrant out of Findlay and relayed to Findlay Police Department.
• Subject arrested for domestic violence for assaulting a family member in presence of officers.
• Wood County Sheriff’s Office brought a subject to Fostoria Police Department on a warrant.
• Subject arrested during a traffic stop at Vine and Hart on a warrant.

• Verbal traffic warning issued at Dillon Road and Columbus Avenue.
• Verbal warning issued for speed at Springville Avenue and East Zeller Road.
• Subpoena issued in the 100 block of East Sixth Street.
• Verbal warning issued for traffic at Columbus Avenue and Nichols Street.
• Verbal warning issued for improper turn at U.S. 23 and East Lytle Street.
• Citation issued for speeding in the 1100 block of Sandusky Street.
• Verbal warning issued for traffic in the 600 block of Columbus Avenue.
• Verbal traffic warning issued at McDougal and Town streets.
• Complainant requested to speak to an officer regarding theft of property from his residence in the 300 block of East Fremont Street. Officer advised complainant of options. Possible charges pending.

• Complainant reported someone broke out the driver’s side car window of their 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo parked behind their garage in the 100 block of Seneca Avenue.

• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office transferred a 911 call open line from a Francis Avenue residence; spoke with male who advised call was accidental.
• Hays Street caller requested officer for a vehicle unlock. Assistance rendered.
• Unidentified caller reported numerous youth running in the street in and out of traffic at South Main and East Crocker streets. Officer talked to children playing in an empty lot. Children said their ball went in the street a couple times. They advised they would be more careful, and moved over to a large empty field across the street.
• Subject came in to department to speak to an officer regarding a possible assault. Officer spoke to subject and advised her of her options.
• Officer assisted a motorist with a vehicle unlock in the 1000 block of Springville Avenue.
• Subject came on station to speak to an officer regarding issues with her son. Statement taken.
• Caller reported dogs in the 800 block of Walnut Street were barking non stop and disrupting the neighborhood. Dogs barking upon arrival of officer.
Officer spoke to owner of the dogs. Owner taking his dogs back inside.
• A welfare check was requested from Marion County on a resident in the 500 block of North Poplar Street. Contact made with wife who advised husband was fine and currently at work. Wife was advised to contact her father-in-law.
• Complainant came on station requesting to speak with an officer about 16-year-old male.
• Caller reported an unwanted male at a Francis Avenue location. Male gone upon officer’s arrival.
• Officers responded to a report of a disturbance at a 400 Union Court location. Verbal altercation was between intoxicated subjects who were warned for disorderly conduct. Subjects went their separate ways.
• Dispatcher received several 911 calls from the same telephone number. Upon call back, male explained 3-year-old was playing with phone. Dispatched advised male to talk to toddler about 911 calls.
• A caller in the 100 block of East Sixth Street reported her vehicle was not at her home. Officer advised callers 18-year-old son took vehicle without permission. Complainant does not wish to report the vehicle stolen nor pursue charges at this time.
• Caller in the 1100 block of Arthur Avenue requested an officer for an unruly 17-year-old female. Officer advised mother and daughter are not getting along; daughters left with aunt.
• Caller in the 300 block of East Tiffin Street reported finding a sharp knife on her property that was not hers; requested an officer retrieve the knife. Item collected.
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office reported a disabled semi in the 500 block of East Lytle Street. Officer advised everything is ok.
• Officer requested to stand by at a Francis Avenue location.
• Caller in th 200 block of Grape Street reported two unwanted females at the residence. Females gone upon officer’s arrival.
• Caller requested officer for an unwanted female at a residence in the 600 block of Columbus Avenue. Mother wanted 18-year-old daughter to move out because the daughter comes and goes as she pleases. Officer advised mother she would have to legally evict her daughter. Daughter advised she was going to leave because she does not want to hear her mother complain.
• Complainant in the 1200 block of Sandusky Street requested to speak to an officer regarding a trespass order against his mother. Caller is having problems with his mother trespassing at his residence, advised she shows up a residence unannounced and just walks in. Officer advised attempts to contact the mother will be made.
• A Perrysburg Road female reported her vehicle was taken overnight and was returned, but person who took the car has the keys and is refusing to return them. Officer to speak with male who may be working. Female advised of options.
• Tiffin Police Department requested an officer check the welfare of a subject in the 500 block of North Poplar Street who was in their city causing a disturbance. Officer advised here were no vehicles in driveway, no answer at door and dogs in house barking. Officer will stop by later.
• Ohio State Patrol requested officer assistance at Findlay Street and Independence Avenue. Assistance rendered.
• Caller advised of a red SUV in a handicap parking spot in the 200 block of Perry Street. Vehicle belongs to cleaner.

Seneca County
• Verbal warning issued at South Oho 587 and South Township Road 66 for license plate out.
• Verbal warning for traffic was issued at West County Road 30 and North County Road 31.

• Deputy responded to a report of loud music in the 5000 block of West County Road 38. Deputy did not hear any music upon arrival; male resident stated he was listening to his car radio with normal speakers in it. Complaint unfounded.



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