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• Caller advised she slid on ice and hit a car in a West High Street parking lot; private property report taken.
• Subject reported an open front door and broken window; report on file.
• Caller requested officer for a disturbance with another female; spoke with both females and advised them to come to station to fill out statement if further issues arose.
• Male called 911 and advised he was feeling suicidal; arranged a ride to the doctor.
• Officer assisted in a vehicle unlock.
• Complainant advised of a vehicle leaving the road way at Findlay and West Lytle streets; driver advised everything was alright.
• An employee of a North Countyline Street business requested an officer check on a vehicle that had been in parking lot for an extended period. Officer attempted to make contact with the registered owner and reacher man’s son, who said he would move the car.
• A red light at North Town and Sandusky streets was reportedly out; street department was notified.
• A Toledo man came on station stating he came to pick-up his intoxicated mother-in-law and take her to her home, but she took off walking on railroad tracks toward Main Street. Female was located.
• Complainant came on station and advised he is getting calls from juvenile female’s mother, who is requesting he quit calling her daughter. Officer checked cell phone and there were no calls to the juvenile; complainant was advised of options.
• Caller requested welfare check on female. Officer made contact with subject who advised she was ill and gave her message to call complainant.
• Subject requested to speak with officer about male living at residence; advised of options and to call back if any disturbances.
• A male and female were involved in verbal arguement; both were warned for disorderly conduct and male left.
Seneca County
• A tire was slashed on Sullivan Street in Bettsville.



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