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• Adult arrested on an active warrant during a stop in the 100 block of Perry Street.

• Citation was issued for failure to maintain reasonable control after a semi took out a power pole at Wood and South streets. AEP called to drop a new pole and string the necessary replacement lines/wires.
• Verbal warning issued for two headlights required at night at Springville Avenue and Corporate Drive.
• Officer made a traffic stop at North Countyline and Stearns Road after s subject made an improper lane change.
• Warning issued for expired plates at the intersection of Campbell and West South streets.
• Disorderly conduct citation issued to Meredith Breech at a West Fourth Street location.
• Officer issued a red-light warning to a motorist in the 200 block of South Main Street.
• Findlay Police Department reported a theft from Walmart where two white males fled the store with two medium-size TVs and two large-screen Suspects were heading north bound on 236 out of Findlay. A driver was waiting for them to exit store. Officers were on the look out for suspects.
• Manager from a business in the 1500 block of North Countyline Street requested an officer concerning stolen items. Manager was able to identify subject(s) on video. Charges pending/trespassing.

• Manager of a business in the 100 block of West High Street reported a vehicle with a male and female had been parked at a fuel pump for an hour. Unable to locate.
• Female in the 400 block of South Main Street reported her landlord rented her home from under her and told her she had to move out but while she was in the process of moving out the landlord gave thousands of dollars of her possessions away. Female was advised the matter is civil, and of informed her of her options.
• Female came to station requesting an officer assist her in getting her son back from the
child’s father who has no rights. Child returned to mother.
• Resident in the 700 block of Maple Street reported a black vehicle parked in her driveway. Parking ticket issued for parking in front of private drive. There was enough room for owner to get car through so vehicle not towed.
• Caller reported his neighbor in the 600 block of North Poplar Street has let his dog outside and it is aggressive. Officer reported finding prints leading up to and from complainant’s door on the porch. Officer advised the neighbor has been warned before and next time charges will be filed.
• Officers responded to the 500 block of East North Street on a report of a husband and wife arguing. Officers checked several locations where wife believed husband could be without success. A be-on-the-look-out request entered into LEADS.
• Bowling Green Police Department requested Fostoria Police Department make contact with an individual in the 700 block of West Center Street. Message delivered.
• Officer responded to a report of truck parked in the cul-de-sac that is making it hard for vehicle to turn t North Wood and South streets. Vehicle pulling away upon officer’s arrival.
• Officer responded to the ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital emergency room on report of a drug overdose. No further information available.
• A 911 hangup call was made from no verifiable address or number. Officer in charge notified.
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office stated a female called and requested a welfare check at a residence in the 500 block of Lynn Street. Unknown caller stated she needed her mother to call her back. Officer spoke with homeowner. Everything is fine. Message was given to call daughter.
• Caller requested an officer standby while they tried to retrieve some property from a residence in the 100 block of East Fremont Street. Stand by completed.
• Alarm company reported a burglar alarm activated in the 500 block of College Avenue. Officer reported everything appears secure, no tracks or signs of disturbance. False alarm.
• Caller reported a water main beak in the 200 block of East Fourth Street.
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office requested polic make contact with a person at a Beier Drive location.
• Caller reported loud music playing in the 600 block of Columbus Avenue. Officer did not hear music upon arrival but spoke with residents and advised them of the complaint. Residents said they would keep it down.
• Complainant came on station requesting to speak to an officer regarding harassing text messages and phone calls he is receiving from his ex-girlfriend. Complainant advised of his options.
• 911 caller reported he was assaulted in the 200 block of West Fourth Street. Female was leaving. Both parties advised of eviction process; female advised of CPO process.
• Alarm company advised of burglar alarm in the 1100 block of North Main Street showing two interior office doors were compromised. Alarm company called back advising keyholder was contacted. An employee set off alarm.
• Female in the 200 block of West Fourth Street reported a male had assaulted her and her friend who also resides at the location. Three people given statements to fill out; no reports at this time, female will be looking into a civil protection order.
• Officer was out with a vehicle on Moose Lane. Subjects stated they were waiting for a friend. Officer told subjects to move along.
• 911 caller n the 100 block of East Fremont Street requested an officer as he and his wife were arguing and she grabbed his cell phone and bruised his arm. Both had conflicting stories and were warned for disorderly conduct. Female left with children to alleviate problems.
• Caller requested a welfare check in the 300 block of Columbus Avenue.
• Caller requested an officer for a vehicle unlock in the 700 block of West Center Street. Call cancelled as caller found spare key.
• Security company reported a side door alarm went off in the 200 block of Perry Street. Officer reported the north most door open on arrival, resecured itself.
Seneca County
• Verbal warning issued in the 300 block of State Street in Bettsville for no license plate light / one working taillight.
• Citation issued for speeding in the 11000 block of West Ohio 18.
• Verbal warning issued for two headlights required at night at the intersection of State and Franklin streets in Bettsville.
• Caller reported a vehicle driving all over the roadway on South U.S. 23. Driver was stopped and consented to a vehicle search. Verbal warning was issued for driving left of center.
• Sheriff’s deputy responded to a call of a female needing assistance with changing a tire in the 4000 block of West Ohio 18. One of the lug nuts was rounded off. John’s Towing of Tiffin was called and able to get lug nut off and finish changing the tire.
• Deputy requested by MercyHealth -Tiffin Hospital to meet the parents of an unruly Bettsville juvenile at the hospital.



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