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• Nakia Sherrell Cheeks was arrested on a local warrant.
• An unidentified male was brought down on a committal and transported to Seneca County’s Sheriff Office.
• Male was taken in on warrant after a call reported a female was refusing to leave the residence. Female collected belongings and left the home.
• Officer issued a citation for non-compliance and failure to dim headlights.
• Subject came on station to report a theft of property from his residence. He believes his cellphone was stolen and sold at Cashland.
• Caller reported there was an unwanted male around their residence. Subject was gone upon officer’s arrival but the caller believed he was in the residence during their absence; requested extra patrol in the area.
• Subject reported two juveniles riding bikes in the middle of the road slowing traffic near Findlay Street and Independence Avenue; officer was unable to locate.
• A clerk at a West High Street business reported a male ran out of the store with an armful of meat; subject was unable to be located.
• School resource officer will file charges on juvenile for safe schools violation.
• Complainant came on station to file a report of an accident that occurred in December. The subject that hit her is refusing to compensate for damage to her vehicle.
• Subject came on station and reported she received a call from someone claiming they were with the IRS and were going to get a warrant for her arrest if she did not pay back taxes; complaint was put on file.
• Officer responded to a call reporting a disturbance; spoke to subjects about their dispute over a payment.
• Complainant came on station to report a confrontation between herself and husband with an ex-boyfriend; report on incident was filed.
• Caller reported a reckless vehicle on U.S. 23 heading toward the city; car was driving south in northbound lane. Officer was unable to locate.
• Caller reported a vehicle has been parked at East Center and South Main streets for several weeks; requested officer check on car and mark tires.
• Officers served civil protection order papers at a local drug store.
• Hancock County Sheriff’s Office advised they received a call from an area high school employee with concern over a juvenile harming themselves. Officer responded to the call, made contact and advised subjects speak directly to sheriff’s office.
• A car was reportedly stuck on the tracks near East Fourth Street; vehicle was not found at the location.
• Two suspicious males were reported lurking on South Poplar Street; officer was unable to locate.
• Subject requested an officer make contact with a suspicious vehicle that was parked in a lot for over an hour; occupant was using the WiFi.
• Juveniles were playing in the road; officer advised they move their goal back to the side of their residence.
• Caller requested a standby to remove her property.
fire runs
• EMS was requested for unconscious subject in the 900 block of South Poplar Street at 1:02 p.m.
Seneca County
• Caller reported her granddaughter had hit a deer at 7:04 a.m. between Township Road 112 and Township Road 110. She requested to claim the deer; deer was receipted.
• Citation was issued for speed in Loudon Township.
• Officer issued citation for failure to stop at a stop sign.
• Complainant came home and discovered 7000 watt generator was taken.
• Subject came on station to report he was grabbed by the neck and threatened.



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