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• Caller reported a private property crash near the intersection of West South and North Union streets at 9:32 a.m.
• Caller reported going to Fremont to get groceries and, when she returned, someone drove through her South Poplar Street yard, struck her trash can and a bumper was left at 3:14 a.m. Officer advised the vehicle drove through several yards on Atha Avenue and appeared to be driving too fast for conditions.
• A juvenile turned himself in on a warrant.
• A South Wood Street caller reported a theft of Medicare supplement cards from her mailbox.
• Complainant requested to speak to an officer about identity theft.
• A South Wood Street caller reported having a package stolen from the porch of the residence.
• A North Main Street caller reported items stolen from a vehicle on the property.
• A Sandusky Street caller reported a car vandalized at the location. Officer advised the caller reported the vehicle was vandalized sometime since New Year’s Eve; it had all four tires slashed and the driver’s window was broken. The front seats were also slashed with a cutting utensil. A tablet was also stolen from the vehicle.
• A North Main Street caller reported the garage door was broken into.
• Complainant reported a trailer parked at a location near the intersection of College Avenue and North Vine Street. Officer advised tires were marked on the trailer and contact was made with the owner’s roommate about the complaint.
• Caller reported a bicycle in a bush on her East Lytle Street property. Officer advised he was unable to locate.
• Caller reported a van in the driveway of a Perrysburg Road park. Officer advised the vehicle was gone prior to his arrival.
• A North Poplar Street caller requested an officer for a neighbor’s dog on the property. Officer advised he spoke with the owner, who advised an attempt would be made to shorten the leash touching the neighbor’s property.
• A Beier Drive caller reported her neighbor came to her apartment, pounded on her door and threatened her boyfriend for playing loud music; complainant advised she let the female into her apartment to check and she would like to speak to an officer. Officer advised he spoke to both parties and the music would be turned down.
• An East Jones Street caller reported someone walking around their home for an unknown reason. Officer advised he was unable to locate anything.
• A North Poplar Street caller reported his neighbor strung a wire crossing over his bushes for an unknown reason.
• A Peeler Drive caller reported a male at the location who was not supposed to be there and was asked to leave; the subject allegedly made threats towards a female. Officers advised the subject left the residence prior to their arrival. Charges are pending.
• A Maple Street caller reported a dog running loose at the location. Officer advised he was unable to catch the dog but the residence owners were made aware.



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