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• Caller advised of a two-vehicle accident in the 100 block of East Lytle Street at 4:09 p.m. No injuries were reported. Reinhart’s has vehicle for impound, but very minimal damage. Crash report taken and investigation pending.
• Officers issued a citation for a driver speeding in a 35 mph zone.
• Several calls from Jackson and Lynn Streets of a truck driving rip roarign in the area. Male called stating the driver had threatened him in Tiffin earlier and he came over to discuss this with him. Officer advised both parties to quit texting and threatening each other and driver cited for driving under suspension.
• Caller reported a firearm has been stolen out of her vehicle overnight; requesting an officer for a report. Complaint on file with the information to be entered into LEADS.
• Reports of subjects in alley pounding and making noise; supposedly have a garage in the alley and work on vehicle at all hours. Officer made contact with subject and he is shutting down for the night.
• Caller advised one of the traffic lights at the intersection of Columbus Ave and Lytle Street is out. Dispatch left a message for street department supervisor.
• Complainant came on station with her son requesting an officer for a stand-by while he picks up his belongings from residence. Mother advised she has custody through State of Michigan; father filed missing person report regarding juvenile. Juvenile retrieved belongings. Sister was at residence and advised juvenile was going with mother. Mother later called for a vehicle unlock for son to retrieve more belongings.
• Complainant reported her mother called and advised there is a male subject who walked into her house, is laying on the floor, refuses to leave and will not talk to her. She does not know the subject. Upon officers arrival, homeowner insisted there was a male in one of the bedrooms. Officer checked home; no one inside. Daughter arrived on scene and it appears there is possibly dementia or Alzheimer’s issues.
• Caller requested a welfare check on his two daughters; he has not had contact with them. Officer spoke with mother via telephone and advised both parties to get something from court. Children are fed, clothed and healthy.
• Complainant came on station requesting to speak to an officer regarding her boyfriend assaulting her at his residence. She was advised of options and will decide if she wants to file charges.
• Caller reported her 17-year-old brother is going to his dad’s, who he is not supposed to be around. Complainant stated her brother tried to assault her and her mother. Officer went to father’s residence, who advised his son was not there and he hasn’t seen him. Daughter later stated brother came right home after officers left.
• Wood County Sheriff’s Office requested an officer to make contact with subject and have her contact sheriff. Officer unable to locate.
• Complainant advised she is being harassed by employees at a North Countyline Street fast food restaurant. She was advised of options. Management and staff were being rude to complainant, but not a police issue.
• Female requested to speak to an officer about receiveing threats. Report on file.
• Caller advised of a suspicious vehicle sitting for quite a while. Suspect stated she is waiting to pick up her brother and she was advised she would have to move the vehicle.
• Numerous calls of Mid Block underpass flooding from rains. Pump is said to be out since last week. Street foreman to bring signs.
• Female called Wood County 9-1-1 stating she is a cab driver and she dropped off passengers who advised they would pay when they got inside home. Subjects walked down alley and haven’t returned. She advised not to send officers as there was no way to prove it. Fare said to be $30.
• ER staff requesting an officer for a patient who has questions. Officer advised ER doctor of child protective services procedure.
• Complaint of an unruly juvenile; complaint on file.
• Caller is being threatened and is requesting an officer. Caller advised of options.
• Report of a vehicle parked in front of residence for several days. Officer contacted owner who will move vehicle.
• Caller reported a vehicle parked on private property and is requesting an officer. Vehicle to be impounded.
• Report of an 17-year-old autistic juvenile who said he wanted to hurt himself. Missing report filed.
• Caller requested a welfare check on two subjects sleeping inside a vehicle. Officer checked, welfare fine. Sister is inside North Countyline business.
• Caller advised of subject with a pipe hitting a vehicle. Another caller reported subject tried to hit her with pipe as well. Subject in custody.
• Caller reported solicitors in the area and is unsure if they have a permit. Subject was issued warning for same offense earlier this year. Subject in custody.
• Caller stated she was just assaulted by another individual. Subject issued summons for assault offense.
• Hospital called requesting assistance in a matter.
fire runs
• EMS requested at 7:04 p.m. for an 18-year-old having a seizure in the 600 block of Maple Street.
• At 8:22 p.m. medical alarm company requested EMS for a 66-year-old female with an unknown issue in the 500 block of Miller Ave.
• Male requested EMS at 1:43 a.m. for a 2-year-old with diarrhea in the 700 block of South Poplar Street.
Seneca County
• Complainant requested a deputy to the intersection of West County Road 592 and North County Road 5 in reference to vandalism of equipment.
• A West Ohio 18 resident advised a vehicle had been parked half in their yard and half on the roadway for about an hour; stated the subject said he ran out of gas and was waiting for someone to bring him some. Officer drove subject to Fostoria to get help with the vehicle, which was not a hazard; subject spoke to the property owner who was OK with the vehicle sitting there until someone with a valid driver’s license could get the vehicle.
• Caller requested a welfare check on her two grandsons at a South U.S. 23 address; advised the mother left the children in the care of her boyfriend. Deputy spoke with the subject and noted the children were fine and had everything they needed.
• Wood County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance in looking for a vehicle at a West Axline Street location. Deputy was unable to locate.
• Caller requested a deputy for an unruly juvenile who was out of control at a South Township Road 85 address.
• Complainant reported the neighbors were riding 4-wheelers and a dirt bike on their West County Road 6 property.



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