Severe Weather Awareness Week kicks off today

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Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio begins today and will include a statewide tornado drill at 9:50 a.m. Wednesday.
During this time, Ohio counties will sound and test their outdoor warning sirens. Schools, businesses and households are encouraged to practice their tornado drills and emergency plans.
The National Weather Service will also activate the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radio Alert System at the time to test weather radios and announce the drill.
Everyone should stay alert for rapidly changing weather conditions when a “watch” is issued and be prepared to take immediate safety measures in the event a “warning” is issued or weather conditions warrant taking action. It is important for everyone to have a safety action plan for severe weather before storms threaten the area.
Ohio’s springtime hazards include tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods and snowstorms through early spring.
Visit the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness website at to view current weather in Ohio, and to review severe weather safety and preparedness information.
For more information on severe storms and storm safety, visit the National Weather Service web-site at or the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness web-site at



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