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• Officer issued a citation for improper backing following a report of someone striking a vehicle in the 1000 block of Cherry Street at 4:50 p.m.
• Complainant reported a friend who watches her James Marie Court residence while she’s away had stolen from her.
• Complainant reported someone stole his log splitter from the backyard of his Findlay Street residence.
• Complainant advised of subjects arguing at a Woodward Avenue address. Officer spoke to an uncooperative subject who stated it happens all the time in the neighborhood.
• K9 officers were utilized at a school outside of city limits.
• Complainant requested an officer speak with a subject who was parking on city property at a Lincoln Avenue location, causing damage to the property grounds; stated the subject also has a large amount of dog feces on the property. Officer spoke to subject who would relay the message to the homeowner, who was not present.
• Officer went to recover stolen property that was pawned in Toledo.
• Caller complained about an ongoing problem with their neighbor over an issue with the neighbor’s dog using the bathroom in their West Tiffin Street yard. Officer advised neighbor to pick up the canines feces and keep the dog on his property.
• Seneca County transferred a call regarding unwanted subjects at a South Grant Street address. Officer spoke to subjects who were in a verbal argument; everything OK.
• Officer assisted in a vehicle unlock on West High Street.
• Officer was out with a vehicle on West High Street regarding an accident complaint; advised it didn’t appear to be the vehicle involved.
• Caller advised of a group of juveniles at Columbus Avenue and East Tiffin Street who appeared to be getting ready to fight. Officer noted everything was OK.
• Caller stated she was on her way to pick up her son who was involved in an accident on Barcelona Drive. Subject was heard yelling but no one would answer the door; advised mother of options.
fire runs
• EMS responded to the 400 block of West Lytle Street at 9:01 a.m. for a subject who stated he needed to go to the hospital.
• At 11:24 a.m., a squad was requested to the 20 block of Christopher Drive for a male subject with a fistula whose arm was bleeding.
• Squad responded to the 400 block of Park Avenue for a female subject who fell and was bleeding at 11:37 a.m.
• EMS was requested for an unspecified reason to the 700 block of Columbus Avenue at 5:41 p.m.
• Squad was dispatched at 8:19 p.m. for a male subject with high blood pressure and possible seizure activity in the 12000 block of West Axline Street.



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