Public Record

• Complainant advised they were rear-ended on West Jackson Street and North Countyline Street; citation issued for assured clear distance.
• Employee of a North Countyline Street business advised of a crash, with one vehicle leaving the scene. Angela Edwards was arrested on a warrant from the Ohio State Patrol.
• Caller advised people were waiting at her North Main Street residence waiting to fight her son; one arrested on a warrant from the Findlay Police Department.
• Citation for red light violation on West South Street.
• Caller advised items missing from their Palmer Street address; items found and returned.
• Caller advised their items were removed from a North Town Street address; will contact the landlord.
• Complainant advised their phone was missing and turned off.
• Caller advised someone had her credit card and made a $600 purchase; advised of options.
• Complainant advised an Xbox and clothes were missing from her Columbus Avenue residence; bag found outside residence with items inside.
• Caller advised their tired were slashed on North Main Street and CDs were taken; report on file.
• Complainant requested a welfare check on an infant who was not gaining weight; possible neglect. Officer checked the parents and child and found no problems.
• Report of a vehicle parked at an East Lytle Street business for quite awhile; driver advised she forgot where she had moved vehicle to.
• Report of a male and female arguing on South Main Street; subject warned for disorderly conduct.
• Caller advised of an alarm at a North Main Street business; doors secure.
• Caller advised of a semi that drove through yards on South U.S. 23 and damaged grass.
• Complainant requested a welfare check at a Taft Boulevard address; unable to locate.
• Caller advised of an alarm at an East Fremont Street address. Officer made contact with a juvenile who may have accidentally set it off.
• Complainant advised they may have heard a gunshot on South Poplar Street and East Crocker Street; no signs of disturbance.
• Caller advised her ex was making threats because of an issue with his bank account.
• Caller requested a welfare check on West Crocker Street for subject who may have cut their wrist; officer found no marks on subject.
• Complainant advised of an intoxicated male on West Crocker Street; police transported subject to West Lytle Street.
• Officer out with a suspicious male on a bike on South Main Street and East Crocker Street; given verbal warning for no headlights.
• Caller advised their North Countyline Street neighbor’s garage door was open and unsecured; owner arrived and secured the door.
fire runs
• EMS request to Vickie Lane for male vomiting.
• EMS request for a female on Independence Road.
• EMS request to Independence Road for an intoxicated male.
• EMS request for a female who fell and broke her hip on Independence Road.



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