Public Record

• Ricky L. Trimble, 57, 215 E. North St., was arrested on a warrant.
• A Cory Street caller advised keys and loose change was stolen from his vehicle.
• A West South Street caller reported a pop machine was broken into.
• A North Poplar Street complainant advised of a bike stolen.
• A College Avenue caller reported their tires were slashed.
• Complainant reported it appeared someone was trying to break into his Woodward Avenue residence; advised there were pry marks on his door.
• Officer advised he was en route to the hospital after a small canine bit his hand while he was placing it into the kennel.
• Caller advised she was returning to town and got her vehicle stuck at a North Union Street location because the windows were fogged up; advised she walked to Kroger to make the call. Officer advised he could not see if there was any damage to the vehicle.
• An East Fremont Street resident advised of a canine scratching at her door trying to make entrance. Officer advised the dog was impounded.
• Complainant advised of a suspicious vehicle circling around in the area of Park Avenue; requested an officer check the area.
• A North Countyline Street caller advised their boyfriend kicked the door in.
• Complainant reported a homeless man was trying to hand out candy and drugs to a youth group at East Jackson and Cherry streets. Officer advised the subject was not in possession of any items; advised the subject to stay away from the children.
• Caller advised of a male subject at a Lynn Street location who was attempting to sell her meat so he could go buy beer; advised he asked her if she had any beer. Officer advised no one was answering the door; advised he would check the area; advised unable to locate.
• A McDougal Street complainant requested to speak to an officer regarding subjects harassing his daughter via social media.
• Complainant requested an officer near mid-block and West Lytle Street for a possible intoxicated driver. Officer advised unable to locate.
• Caller advised a helicopter landed at a North Countyline Street location. Officer advised the subject claimed to be spraying the fields and was staying at the hotel and he was given permission to park the helicopter at the location.
• A Maple Street caller requested to speak with an officer regarding being threatened by their neighbors.
• Complainant advised of a large truck and trailer blocking the roadway at a North Union Street location. Officer advised the vehicle was legally parked.
• Officer advised he was flagged down by a citizen at a Plaza Drive location and advised of subjects driving recklessly. Officer advised he spoke with the juvenile driver and advised him to stop driving recklessly.
• A North Main Street complainant advised her mother used her name to get the electricity; requested to speak to an officer. Officer advised complainant of options.
• Callers advised of a loose dogs running around West Crocker Street and Walnut Street.
• A College Avenue resident came on station and advised she found clothes laying in her garden bed.
• Subject came on station with a computer that was not hers.
• A Jefferson Road resident advised the house next to his was abandoned but he saw flashlights in the house; while officer was en route, the resident advised subjects left. Officer advised the area was checked and no one was on the property.
• Caller advised he heard a female subject scream and a crash at a Maple Street location while he was taking his dog out. Officer advised the area was checked and several residents were spoken with but he was unable to locate a source.
fire runs
• EMS was requested to the 1000 block of Dillon Circle for a female subject with chest pain and a high blood pressure at 2:04 p.m.
• EMS responded at 2:27 p.m. to the 200 block of Perry Street for an elderly male subject who was very shaky with possible sugar problems.
• Squad was requested for a female subject with an elevated temperature and heart rate at 6:04 p.m. in the 20 block of Christopher Drive.



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