Public Record

• Kristie Clift, 23, 915 Spruce St., was arrested on an active warrant.
• A Beier Drive caller reported her residence was broken into and a game system, controllers and a laptop were taken.
• A North Poplar Street caller reported his girlfriend took off to Michigan with his wallet, credit card and his phone and she refuses to return the items.
• Employee of a Sandusky Street business reported a vehicle was vandalized. Incident under investigation.
• A Buckley Street caller reported they just refinished the tennis courts and there are youth riding skateboards on the courts. Officer warned parties.
• Caller reported he just witnessed three subjects lurking in the area near Glenwood Avenue and when a cruiser drove through they fled northbound on Circle Drive. Officer advised the area was checked and he would keep an eye on it.
• Pike County requested to speak to an officer regarding an incident. Officer advised the incident was under investigation.
• An East Tiffin Street caller reported a male trying to cause problems with his kids, advised he headed off towards Columbus Avenue.
• Liquor Control requested officer assistance at a North Vine Street location. Officer advised he was unable to locate.
• Complainant reported an unruly teenager at a North Union Street location.
• Complainant reported his car was in the middle of the intersection at Buckley and Sandusky streets where his front tire has fallen off.
• Caller reported a dog barking for at least an hour at a Beech Street location. Officer advised homeowner was not home, dog was on the porch not barking.
• A Maple Street caller reported he and his girlfriend were in a physical altercation, advised she physically assaulted him. Officer advised it was a verbal altercation and parties agreed to separate for a few hours.
• Complainant reported a male sitting on the railroad tracks at East Jackson and Spruce streets. Officer was unable to locate.
• Caller requested to speak to an officer regarding a situation between he and his wife. Officer advised complainant was highly intoxicated
• Citizen reported a sink hole in front of a South Countyline Street location. Street department notified.
• A College Avenue caller reported her young daughter was being unruly, advised she is pounding on bedroom window, screaming, yelling and she head-butted her mother. Officer talked to juvenile.
• A Miller Avenue caller reported he is locked out of his apartment and wants an officer to standby while he kicks the door in. Officer advised male was transported to father’s house.
• Caller reported the street buckling at West South Street due to a water main break, advised treatment plant called and officer advised he saw curb lane dipping down with a crack by curb.
fire runs
• Squad requested at 3:18 a.m. for an elderly female who fell off the couch and struck her head in the 200 block of West Lytle Street.
• 9-1-1 transfer call from Wood County at 7:09 p.m., EMS requested to a location in the 1200-block of Perrysburg Road for an infant male who was choking.
• 9-1-1 call at 8:22 p.m., EMS requested for a 50-year-old female who passed out in the 800 block of East High Street.
Seneca County
• Dispatcher advised of a 911 hang-up call at a South County Road 591 location; advised no answer on multiple callbacks; advised had a hangup call from that location in 2007 as well. Deputy advised it was an accidental call.



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