Public Record

• Complainant advised she was just involved in an accident in the parking lot of a Plaza Drive location at 9:55 a.m. Officer advised parties would handle it themselves.
• Tyree L. Carpenter, 32, Toledo, was arrested on an active warrant.
• Complainant came on station, requested to speak to an officer. Officer advised an investigation was pending.
• An Oaklawn Avenue caller requested an office due to some of his prescription pills were stolen. Officer advised subject does not know if pills were stolen or lost, but said they were on his nightstand.
• An East Eagle Street caller advised two bikes were stolen overnight.
• Employee of a North Countyline Street fuel station advised of a subject in a van at one of the pumps, advised unsure if subject needs medical attention, not responding when knocks on car window. Officer advised she was lying down and had her eyes close, no need for medical attention.
• Hancock County Sheriff’s Office requested an officer go to a McDougal Street residence and attempt to make contact with a subject regarding his wallet being found. Officer advised contact was made.
• A Miller Avenue caller advised there are approximately six dogs barking at a residence, advised it has been an ongoing problem. Officer advised there were no dogs out or barking.
• Caller reported he has a water leak soaking his breaker box at a Columbus Avenue location, requested the fire department at 2:37 p.m.
• A Burnham Drive caller reported their teenage daughter is being unruly and wanted to speak to an officer.
• 9-1-1 caller advised she was having a problem with a friend then hung up. Officer advised female had a problem with a male friend who took off on foot when she advised him she was calling the police. Officer advised he would check the area for the subject.
• Male caller requested to speak to an officer about a possible theft at an East Lytle Street convenience store.
• Complainant requested to speak to an officer regarding problems with a neighbor at a West Fremont Street location. Officer advised complainant has been having problems with neighbor.
• Ohio State Highway Patrol advised of a possible intoxicated driver coming into the city on North Countyline Street. Officer advised he was unable to locate.
• Complainant came on station requested to speak to an officer regarding harassing phone calls.
• Complainant advised of a juvenile walking towards Bettsville on Sandusky Street wearing two backpacks and walking with a dog, advised it looked like the teen is running away. Officer advised he was unable to locate.
• An East High Street caller requested an officer due to a situation. Officer advised he spoke to the parent of the child, advised it would take care of the situation.
• Employee of a North Countyline Street business advised of a female driver had two kids in the car not in child restraints.
• 9-1-1 call, complainant advised of a dog on the roof of a South Poplar Street location. Officer advised a firefighter was able to get the dog back into the residence.
• A Beier Drive caller advised of two juveniles shooting off fireworks in the area. Officer advised he was unable to locate.
• A Liberty Street caller advised of a fight near the location. Officer advised it was an altercation between two male subjects, one left prior to officer arrival, the other refused to cooperate.
• Safety Service Director advised of a dog running loose in the area of West Culbertson and North Union streets. Officer advised he was unable to locate.
fire runs
• 9-1-1 transfer call from Wood County at 11:43 a.m., EMS requested for a 50-year-old male who fell down stairs, may have broken his leg in the 200-block of East Tiffin Street.
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office requested EMS to a location in the 12000-block of Township Road 35 for a subject who has fallen.
• 9-1-1 call at 6:40 p.m., EMS requested to a location in the 700-block of Circle Drive for a female.
• 9-1-1 call, complainant requested EMS at 8:03 p.m. to a location in the 300-block of East Jones Street for a male subject.
• 9-1-1 call, complainant requested EMS at 8:09 p.m. for a female who is short of breath at a location in the 700-block of Stinchcomb Drive.
Seneca County
• Caller advised of a live deer in the middle of the roadway at the intersection of West Ohio 12 and North Ohio 635. Deputy advised he was unable to locate.
• Caller advised of a minibike racing up and down the roadways on West Axline Street.



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