Public Record

• Jacob Charles Kessler, 56, 712 Buckley St., was arrested on an active warrant through bail bondsman.
• Officer issued a citation for expired plates following a traffic stop at a North Countyline Street location.
• Caller advised she was watching articles for a subject who is incarcerated; advised they were by the roadway and were now missing.
• Complainant requested to speak with an officer in reference to vandalism at a North Countyline Street location.
• A Lynn Street complainant reported his windshield was busted; requested a report on file.
• Complainant advised she returned to her East Crocker Street home and the back door was wide open; requested an officer. Officer advised it didn’t appear as if entry had been made and noted nothing to be missing.
• Seneca County Sheriff’s Office requested an officer check a Walnut Street location as a resident advised there was a male subject walking through her yard possibly looking into windows. Officer advised area was checked but he was unable to locate.
• Complainant advised his West North Street neighbor has dogs that bark constantly. Officer advised the owner who let the dogs inside.
• Caller advised witnesses stated three female subjects went into a South Wood Street building that is condemned. Officer advised no one was inside.
• An East Clark Street complainant advised of two dogs loose in his yard. Officer advised the dogs weren’t vicious; advised they were put inside their residence.
• Caller advised of subjects fighting at a Beier Drive location. Officer advised the subject didn’t know whether or not she wanted to press charges; advised she refused to let him take pictures.
• Caller reported female subjects fighting at a North Countyline Street location. Officer advised all subjects were warned for disorderly conduct.
• A North Town Street resident advised of lines down in his yard that were live. Officer advised the power company.
• Caller advised of a tree down, blocking the roadway on Summit Street. Dispatch advised the street department was contacted.
• Complainant advised his North Poplar Street neighbor’s tree came down on his vehicle. Officer advised the windshield, roof and driver side mirror were damaged by the limb.
• Caller advised of a canine that showed up at her East Clark Street residence; advised they went door to door in the neighborhood attempting to contact the owner but were unsuccessful. Officer advised the canine was impounded.
fire runs
• EMS responded to the 600 block of James Marie Court for a female subject with chest pains and difficulty breathing at 3:18 p.m.
Seneca County
• A West Ohio 18 caller reported it appeared someone tried to break into her back door.
• A Walnut Street caller advised she saw a male subject walking through her yard and was then headed northbound on foot. Fostoria Police Officer advised he checked the area and was unable to locate.



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